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self noise is an everday documentation project with text, sound and video

self noise can also be installed using recycled waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) :
off site          the shunt lounge      london bridge      august 2009     
bees on cactus     cap de norfeu       CAT spring | summer 2009     site specific installation for dvd player, TV, hole in the wall
fires     CAT 2-5-08       2 channel video on discarded stacked TVs
rocket stoves     climate camp      blackheath, london       august 2009      TVs, pallet
standpipe     climate camp      blackheath, london       august 2009     recycled TVs, projection
sentry box
la pelosa CAT
spring | summer 09
mtwara - mikindani - mtwara     S Tanzania      dec 2007 - august 2009     projection tent
monte perdido (self noise)     cap de creus CAT     2008     16 channel installation with discarded iMacs, video, audio, on racking
slow nightingale     CAT     2009     projection tent

   pedal power sound system   bicycology   climate camp   blackheath  london   august 09    

birds and bees           the shunt lounge      london bridge      march 2009     curator: Mischa Twitchin
Chicken market in Mtwara   S Tanzania     August 2008         reconstruction         25 channel video on recycled stacked TVs
European Carpenter Bee   Xylocopa violacea   Cap de Creus Catalunya     May 2008

5 channel site specific video and audio installation with dismantled reclaimed TVs and domestic hifi equipment in cement tanks
unfinished business    new work for old IT equipment     shunt lounge   london bridge    sep-oct 2007
Max 2006     3 channel video portrait for small TVs
looking at horses      2 channel video projection with audio and voice

Shirin Moghimi reads a text based on Looking at a horse painting in the house of the recorder Wei Feng by Du Fu, translated and annotated by David Hawkes

triple nightingale + 2

5 audio video loops for old imacs

field recordings from the Olot volcanic region, Catalan pre Pyrenees

w indian ocean

5 channels for old TVs

durational audio video recordings, voice

Igor Zvonic reads What is it like (in Tanzania)?

video projection
spring 06 (youre angry)

audio, video, text to speech

installation with 3 revolving slide projectors, environmental sounds, text to speech

2 channel audio video for stacked TVs      field recordings from Roquefort, spring 07, dusk
sign      2007

audio video for large TV on its side