By the Matarranya / Matarraña
Vall de Roures / Vallderobles 10 June 2023

The relationship between the worlds of the "known" and the "unknown" in our consciousness is truly hard to explain. It is precisely through our observations, and changing the perspective of our firsthand observations, that we can perceive/recognize that within this process, like a hidden neighbour, a kind of "unknown" world constantly accompanies the "known world," and it is only then the "known world" will appear more distinctly..

Xu Tan, from the research notes for "Questions, Land – Soil" [*]

Brown Notebook
10:33 UTC+2 10 June 2023

frogs – guttural chirps, chuckles against the walls over the river. people talking close up. swifts over – shifting pitch
              it's a flat green pool. swifts in flocks. martins singly. the pool [pool] has balconies overhanging   for nests and a fringe of reeds. wwwwww as swifts dip water they make widely spreading circles of waves. the waves from adjoining circles

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intersect, producing shimmer. the whole patch vibrates. (micro ecologies of acoustic commons #     )
              fish create confused rippling – boiling, flipping, simmering, shakings of the surface of the pool. the pool is created by a dam / weir it seems, held (ab–bandans) for a time – detained in its flow. precisely this disruption opens potentials for exchanges. motor-cycles are leaving the bar. thick \ think fumes at different registers. maybe those weights correspond to different sizes and weights of molecules encountering the linings of the sinuses – wet membranes over the water. fish that flip produce a flash as a by-product, a sideshow of swimming, feeding, turning. an extra a surplus accompanying the action. the known

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and the unknown accompany each other, as                 was indicating, the way people holding hands alternately, or preceding [sic] side by side. people greet each other. they hug and kiss. 11. bells. smells of fish being cooked. phone. ham. ?. coca cola. insects. doves calling. (mundane #       )   continuing

[*] From 'Soilless Trees and Drifting Land' [2.1] in Towards a Non-Intentional Space Vol.1. About Sou Fujimoto's Architectual Design for Mirrored Gardens. Essays by Hu Fang. The Pavilion, Beijing. Koening Books, London. 2016 p39.