Around Arnes
17 November 2022

Brown Notebook
17 Nov 2022 09:19

Iury said their grandmother's amnesia was became a strength. a lot of stories were made up in the family about what she had done and why. now those stories fell away. the force of what really happened came out and was not obscured or kept quiet – how she moved from       to         to get away from the family she grew up in [in] – to be on her own. how she sewed all her life – how her sewing machine was he[r] primary companion – as Iury was interviewing her his aunts were sitting in the back

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waving their hands, mouth making shapes with their mouths: 'no   no' to say it wasn't true but it was.

forgetting as force

Iury Salustiano Trojaborg as part of the Listening Academy, Iklectik, London, August–September 2022, organised by Lucia Farinati and Brandon LaBelle.

Recording of sheep flock, 17/11/2022 afternoon, on the road to Toll de Vidre near Arnes CAT

Video by Sam Baraitser Smith