about 11.20 now sky overcast; back then the sun was out so you went out into the yard to the hive with its propolis screen, dark against the sun covered fence; more than 100 dead bees on the ground in front of the hive can indicate nosema; and in the webs around the sides: but you're seeing bees come in with white pollen from the patch of bulbs in the park. every bee keeper is happy to see that. whatever happened to the other hives. on 25 january you saw one bee returning to the hive. one bee returning to the hive: it's not saying much. flying up and out from the hive after the long incarceration a bee will first void its bowel. Buzz Aldrin describes how he stopped on the ladder of the lunar module. as he stood like a dog after that incarceration, overcome by the desire to mark this approach, just before he stepped down on to the surface, leaving indelible footprints in the lunar dust, first he stopped for a pee in his suit on the ladder, thereby missing the shot of Neil Armstrong stepping on to the moon. it's a famous source of tension: bees on their cleansing flights defecate on the neighbor's washing. a person's hard won washing hung to dry in the first warm sunshine is immediately spattered with faeces, just as yesterday I was spattered by birds by the Thames. I washed my trousers in the Thames. but now to see bees coming in with pollen, which means to feed the new brood: this is a sign of life in the colony, even now toward the end of winter when the worst storms often come: the killing storms of late winter for the hive, starting so promisingly in the first warm days; internally its food supplies are exhausted: internally, it's in collapse, even as externally it appears to rouse, coming out of winter.

all night every night you're glued to al jazeera. switching between al jazeera and democracy now, as they switch agitatedly from new york to cairo, peering over hotel balconies: Sharif Abdel Kouddous was in Liberation Square, he was walking among the people, after having a haircut since he was last broadcasting from new york, while Amy Goodman was at Sundance in Utah - now he was walking among the people of Tahrir Square, on the tuesday before the government sent in the paid thugs - the people on Tahrir Square were celebrating their action, spirits were high as they revelled in their capacity to throw off their fear: they were cleaning the space and they were recycling their waste: they were sorting plastics: Sharif Abdel Kouddous kept saying how they were keeping the whole place so clean, actually recycling, the pride of the people of Egypt, having finally revolted for the first time in history: since the time of the Pharaohs, they were saying, the Egyptian people have been trodden down, frankly treated with contempt by absurd rulers to whom they now say: go now - spirits were running high before the thugs appeared, systematically erecting barriers and throwing fire bombs these thugs which were a mixture of police, special forces, hired thugs and petroleum employees, having plenty of gas, kept lobbing burning bombs into the crowds of protesters, or dropping burning bombs off the overpass into them - already we were hearing about the anti government and the pro government protesters, so already they had polluted and deformed the commentary, presumably as the authorities intended, simply by hiding their uniforms - their police or their civil service uniforms - and emerging in the streets - their behavior was very systematic - the systematic nature of their behavior: erecting barricades and preparing, as it seemed, some form of trap: the commentator on the balcony of such and such hotel was saying they seemed to be preparing to lure these anti government demonstrators out of Tahrir (Liberation) Square into a trap down a dead end street where presumably they would attack them the gorgeous anchor person for al Jazeera kept asking about the systematic nature of these preparations, the seemingly calculating and at once we sensed ruthless form of these plans - soldiers were weeping and the woman on the phone from the middle of the square was wailing we have nothing they're going to kill us - the gorgeous anchorperson whose accent and whose extraordinary lips enthral the planet at 3.20 cairo time kept probing for an explanation of that systematic behaviour the responses from the ground were measured the the comparative literature professor on democracy now did not hesitate to describe and identify these forces of payed repression which, as she described, were a well known and recurring feature of the 30 year exercise of power by Hosni Mubarak, Barack Obama alone among the leaders except for Israel and Saudia Arabia was calling for orderly reform Barack Obama was in constant contact with Hosni Mubarak by phone, as we know the US administrations have been in constant contact with the Hosni Mubarak administration many times a day every day all of 2010 and into 2011 as we know from wikileaks to be the case as we now know more than we ever could show we knew drag and dropped from fictional forms to the bland records of minutes the minutes of the us empire make relentless reading when we speak of an unreadable text we can think of the minutes of the US domination this is a text from which human aspirations have been expunged we can observe the expunging of human aspirations in the figure, most crudely, of BA himself: we had no illusions; we still have the sense of watching a canary in a mine: as the canary hits the gas the canary starts to wilt, slightly discolouring, despite shaking constant its plumage and bouncing on its perch that canary is being asphyxiated, we realise, at the same time as we realise we can't breathe let me reverse that: despite the relentless suppression of the illusion, we continue to be shot through with illusion: these so called illusions, which are inextricably tied up with the hopefulness we have, as human beings: a human being is famously hopeful, rarely if ever able to put an end to its suffering, on the contrary remaining chained to the hope of alleviation, in the face of the evidence: these flows of hope, easily reawakened by a warm current as we are swimming - warming our genitals and encouraging us to think of interesting projects: of course we can not disabuse ourselves of these revivals - the extent to which the hopefulness of people is systematically abused is becoming clearer in our time than ever before because of recent insights into the micro manipulation and abuse of our hopes - not only in the instances of naked abuse at US or US inspired torture centres and through US torture procedures as set out in the famously revised manuals we are all aware of, but more generally in the conduct of each and every single intervention by the US administration and its endlessly ramified agents: to say that each spokesperson - from the head spokesperson now being replaced to the most apparently distant spokesperson is an abuser is no exaggeration: more precisely, we appreciate that the so called spokesperson is interposed precisely in the form of fictional frame, an animated insert, etc - with the specific intention of arousing the uncritical assumption that other actors - ie other actors not identified as spokespersons - can in some sense be taken to be speaking for themselves, for the US state, etc, as if in other words their natural and direct speech on behalf of quote millions of americans unquote - or whatever so called constituency - can in some way and to some extent be distinguished from the frankly manipulative so called spin of the spokespeople - these frank avatars of power which we know to be nothing more than regular employees of the US government - as if every actor with which we are confronted is not to be interpreted first and foremost as a retainer of the US government apparatus - the US imperial network - of which Barack Obama is the first spokesperson and spin doctor or, as Boris Groys would have it, the primary insane person.