upper sanje falls   udzungwa    night    14/12/10  
It is clearer now: the extension of the collective makes possible a presentation of humans and nonhumans that is completely different from the one required by the cold war between objects and subjects.

To put it yet another way: objects and subjects can never associate with one another; humans and nonhumans can.

As soon as we stop taking nonhumans as objects, as soon as we allow them to enter the collective in the form of new entities with uncertain boundaries,

entities that hesitate, quake, and induce perplexity,

it is not hard to see that we can grant them the designation of .. social actors

Tradition refused them this label.. we now understand that this refusal had no cause other than the pannicky fear of seeing humans reduced to things, ..
.. the border between social actors and objects had to be carefully patrolled:
such was the miserable device to which all the horror films .. resort.


The terrain is now wide open.

Rieppeleon brevicaudatus Bruno Latour: Politics of Nature