Demo / transmission
Saturday 9 dec 2023 from around 1pm

demo for a full cease fire in palestine
transmission / march
saturday 9 dec 2023

you went to the demo on saturday – the march for a full cease fire. you arrived at bank junction. lots of people. you were transmitting to wave farm with the new box, using a piece of fishing pole as an antenna. you walked. you moved from place to place in the moving crowds transmitting different moods and kinds of conversations. the transmission was solid, with few drops. you had been building shelving at work shop 1. your legs were tired. you placed your feet one after the other on the ground. the sky brightened. you walked as far as trafalgar square, where you could turn: the crowd came up northumberland avenue and turned left, blocked by barriers and police on horses. they turned left down whitehall toward westminster

some of the time you were listening. you listened by the bridge at embankment, where sounds came back down from above and sounds bounced inside the arch of the bridge. you listened at the square at the end where the crowd turned – arriving, turning and moving further on

the idea of acoustic ecology of hearing back. for that tradition the question is often of quiet: if it is quiet enough to hear your footsteps as you are walking quietly, alone or in a group. for these transmissions, the question is about how as part of a multitude you can hear yourselves back. you hear it under the bridge: elation of reverb – sounds returning with extra energy. bass and flow. there is a movement of sounds from place to place: locally as sounds come back off surfaces and structures, moving from mute roadways to sympathetic membranes / soundboards for collective actions. you can also be heard far afield where radio al hara is relaying the broadcast, if a connection can be made. sometimes a connection is not made: you are out of synch. yousef is sleeping in new york. your transmission is not relayed.

the aim of working so late is to make simple boxes that transmit directly with no additional layer of authentication. refinements are lost: you lose the online interface by Stéphane Cousot. you have to log in on a phone > WebSSH > alsamixer > make changes > esc > sudo alsactl store

the weather is warm again. it is dry. your fingers are warm. light bounces. sounds accumulate, overlap, spill. from the hollows of bodies they emerge with puffs of steam, the streets are full of exchanges of warm air. experiences of walking optimistically in bright sunlight, alternating with patches where your eyes and nose fill with tears. you notice that in others too – elation alternates with grief

that is what you hear when you listen under the bridge by the video commercial. that commercial is innoculated / rendered null. more and more people come to the river, turn upstream – the crowds thin out a bit here in the broad roadway, the water slows in a wider stretch – people stop to gather their garments, get snacks, take pictures. arriving at the bridge, the force of listening is engaged – it comes to you as a declaration – it s not a declaration – that is to say, it is not a statement. [what it does:] it returns as evidence of a collective presence, at once thick and full of holes, full of gaps, those gaps, which are the gaps left by the absent –humanimals buildings terrains wells projects publications

disrupted, distorted, incomplete, those sounds do not separate from you – they remain in contact. as such they escape definition – as a surplus that comes back to you

you find only fragments of the transmission to the wave farm server were recorded


Live transmission to Wave Farm WGXC in Acra, Upper Hudson Valley, NY
Remote recording at Acra 9 December 2023 09:46:01.
Darkice streaming software by Ákos Maróy, Rafael Diniz and others.
Installation using notes by Udo Noll, Diarmuid Drew and others.
Developed in collaboration with the Acoustic Commons Network
Demonstration organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others.