Demo / transmission
Thursday 7 dec 2023 from around 7am

action to stop work at eaton mission systems weapons plant, wimborne, dorset
picket / transmission

04:51 7 DEC 2023

you re on a coach to
an action. the lights go
off. it's a 2hr drive
out from London. you
all met at 2 Malet St
in the darkness. you
don't know the where
you're going


Demonstration / picket organised by Workers for a Free Palestine
Part of wider actions to shut down arms factories at sites in the UK, France, Denmark and the Netherlands
Live transmission to Wave Farm WGXC in Acra, Upper Hudson Valley, NY
Remote recording at Acra 7 December 2023 04:44:02
Relay to radio al hara, Palestine
Darkice streaming software by Ákos Maróy, Rafael Diniz and others
Installation using notes by Udo Noll, Diarmuid Drew and others
Developed in collaboration with the Acoustic Commons Network