There are those who believe that the dead, and perhaps, the living, return to us in the form of birds - and scatter food for them - white and yellow rice or torn up scraps of bread - in fact we do not know what draws us to look for birds - follow their call through the brush - study their field marks - "birds and space have been a preoccupation of mine for a long time," wrote Braque in 1958 -

in 1955, working on the bird and its nest (the bird returning to its nest), which he kept until his death, he went to the Camargue, where his friend Lukas Hoffmann had a field station, seeing there, he said great birds passing over the lagoons, and from that vision I took aerial forms... birds have inspired me,.. yet I must bury their natural function deep in my memory... to draw closer to my essential preoccupation...

the billiard table is one of those paintings in which, as Ponge recognised, ethical experience can take place, while, departing from the motif of the wallpaper: the billiard balls, and the hinged billiard table appear to take flight - presently, like an albatross, a great bird appears: fully spanning the canvas, then begins to rise -

something permanent changed, writes S Pratesi, when I saw this painting: Blaze by Bridget Riley, for the first time:

beginning with an adjustment of the eyes, she describes an overwhelming loss, we can say, of self definition - we think of the vertigo of Sebald, and the stooped figure of Will ______'s sister feeding her fire, on the beach of that remote island where she was living in a cave -

you know the way an object, on a tide, first rolls over, then lifts off the mud?

1 a mark for way finding cut through the dark bark into the bright wood 2 painting is a time based art - we see, standing with the sensation of time rushing through our ears, as these paintings spool out - pulsing and radiating - as each tends to intensify, and subside, along a different graph, in keeping with those moments of perceiving / reading 'from the inside' -

which we recall as experiences of intensity comparable to those with people, animals, and objects -

emblematically, on the verge of fainting, we half drag half drop the letter from our eyes - the letter we have received from a certain person, charged with exceptional energies, which is now lying dormant, with all the others, in translucent boxes by the wall - some of them from people who have died, some from the living - we haven't opened them for years, we wouldn't lightly go over and start looking among them now -

when you hear an owl, do you think of Hegel?

apparently, Hegel's hand can be seen deteriorating, as he hurried to finish The Phenomenology of the Spirit, while around him the city of Jena was going up in flames -

some people think of Wittgenstein every time they see a ladder, the ladder he famously kicks away, before leaving for the West coast of Ireland, where he managed to tame wild birds, according to a course offered by a German professor, in order, he said, to force himself to read Philosophy -

my back is hurting -