Ebro Delta (Eucaliptus)
30 July 2021

¿Qué se construye con un detenimiento y una elevación?

breaking off walking, you go from track to track like a wader, bent down

each trail consists of minimal hollows, impressed where the sand and air meet

they stop a person just crossing the.. beach

their feet spread slightly, into the warm grains

.. time acquires a split, the way a pocket forms in bread — which can be opened with your fingers

where the tracks cross, they mark where the walkers have missed each other

the tracks create a zone of potential across this patch — they are not dead — they have something to say, it feels like

about time? about its thickness: its layers:

its denizens don't coincide — they don't line up with each other

the grain of time is not smooth: as seen here where clues have been left in the sand overnight by different organisms moving across at different rates

surveying this shallow deposit, your sense of time oscillates rapidly between a succession of events, and a single thick medium in which the tracks are floating, mixed with sand and air

micro transits by diverse ephemeral beings — arcs, darts, repeated placing of the empty foot like a cat — activate the surface to vibrate

El para[—]íso

Adivinanzas, 1966
Cecilia Vicuña


Gilles Clément: Involuntary Art — AA School of Architecture, Sensitive Observation Seminar Series, 29/04/2021, available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVSgqxL5UM8, accessed 25/08/2021.

sand—air cp inter-tidal zone, >4.

bread - ie flatbread: the mass of dough at some point acquires an internal, virtual division, usually after it's flipped for the second time. before that, there is a kind of latent separation. >4: etymology of -dise.

'The aim of kneading is to blend together the joined and the disjoined, breadth and depth,.. In kneading one repeatedly folds the outer skin of the substance inwards, until it is as it were crammed with surface tension, full of its outside. The result, for Bachelard, is no mere mixture, but a tonic mass, full of tensile potential:.. When one kneads dough it is as if one were winding a spring. A lump of worked dough is a negentropic niche in things..
'[Serres'] discussion of baker's dough in Rome is an image of the complex overlayering of time in history, an image not of time moving on and dissipating, but of endlessly regathering itself.. Serres imagines trying to map or model the involutions of the dough as it is moulded, perhaps by making a mark and plotting its changes of position in three or more dimensions through successive stretchings and foldings.' [Steven Connor: Topologies: Michel Serres and the Shapes of Thought//2002 in Documents of Contemporary Art: Nature, Whitechapel / MIT 2012 p45]

denizen: 'a person, animal, or plant that lives or is found in a particular place. "denizens of field and forest"
a foreigner allowed certain rights in their adopted country.
Origin late Middle English deynseyn, via Anglo-Norman French from Old French deinz ‘within’ (from Latin de ‘from’ + intus ‘within’) + -ein (from Latin -aneus ‘-aneous’). The change in the form of the word was due to association with citizen.'
[Oxford Languages / Google English Dictionary, accessed 25/08/2021]

On denizens as migrants and others deprived of the citizen's ‘right to have rights’ (Hannah Arendt) see: Guy Standing: Denizens and the Precariat, 5 May 2014, https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/denizens-and-precariat/. Elsewhere, struggles of the 'denizen' to make themselves a home in strange places, have been described as creative responses to exclusion from traditional forms of belonging or legitimacy. See eg Marsha Meskimmon (2017) From the cosmos to the polis: on denizens,art and postmigration worldmaking, Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, 9:2, 25-35, https://doi.org/10.1080/20004214.2017.1343082 accessed 25/08/21.

On sense of time: '.. [W]e experience time — as much in our inner senses as externally in nature, as much as le temps of history as le temps of weather..'
Michel Serres in conversation with Bruno Latour: Conversations on Science, Culture and Time, trans. Roxanne Lapidus (Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 1995), 56-61. Cited in Documents of Contemporary Art: Time, Whitechapel / MIT Press 2013, p164.

'The quality of Tai Chi Chuan is centered and quite different from the way most people move. The method is to "place down an empty foot, like a cat walking".. 'Ling refers to this quality of aliveness..' Wolfe Lowenthal: There are no secrets: Professor Cheng Man=ch'ing and his Tai Chi Chuan, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley 1991, p123-126.

'to vibrate' > 4 and cp bir'yun 'shimmer', 'brilliance', an 'Aboriginal aesthetic' conveying participation in a 'vibrating world'. Deborah Bird Rose: 'Shimmer' When All You Love Is Being Trashed in Tsing, Anna and others: Arts Of Living On A Damaged Planet, University of Minnesota Press 2017, pG51ff.

Camila Marambio & Cecilia Vicuña: Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja, Errant Bodies Press, Berlin 2019, p5