electrical storm
night of 18 to 19 july 2017

stamford brook

the river runs here

loughborough junction

middle of the night with the windows open. listening with open headphones to online microphones at remote locations around the city reveals overlays of delay, due to the varying physical distance between a listener and detonations in the clouds, and the varying routes taken by signals through the network, creating an uncertain relationship between the thunder and the flashes of lightning before you in the darkness. it's the night at the end of world listening day 2017. real time does not unfold. it is as if somebody pulls at the handkerchief with a time line marked on it, famously crumpled in michel serres' pocket: smoothing, twisting and spreading it out, and wadding it up again

remote recordings from microphones on the locus sonus open microphone network
stamford brook: maria papadomanolaki: 2017-07-19-02h50m16s
kilburn: andre louis: 2017-07-19-02h55m56s Rain, 18.21 degrees c, wind 5.1mph, humidity 77 percent
rotherhithe: made ground: soundcamp with stave hill ecological park, rotherhithe shed: 2017-07-19-03h03m57s
loughborough junction: grant smith: 2017-07-19-02h42m57s
thanks to tcv, ustsc