21 OCT  2008   -   12 APR  2012

two people in crisis have sex, a third person enters it's: a family crisis now   you think     lying with your little book by you,  the story continues

do what you can, you do they do you all do           pete and re:pete   sat on a log

throw your self in! don't stand there

lying here, so  apparently unmoved, strange to say: you are convulsed in a frenzy of activity       ..

even as lying without outward sign, you think, you are squirming like a worm threaded on the hook of a wrinkled brown fisherman over a rusty can by a slow creek, or running doggedly from clue to clue on bruised

torn pads - your tongue is out, your nose

o you have heard: dry trail: cold trail       pete fell off       who was left?

you're here lying on your back seemingly resting

youre a mass of ratsnests, tangling and twisting like a ball of worms in a soily rusty can

I'm telling you    repeat

is this how you make it?

is this how you do? (     it )       [ponge]






it is a commonplace that: interlocking personal family crises sit nested in political ecological crises of barely conceivable
vice  like  grips
breaking out of a grip: like that: I say: a vice like grip, require: fantastic human strength

in the same category as worm, nest, think of the bunched muscle in the limb of that ______ of your dream

fantastic fiercely energy an

dis jointed easy                 in a t       tention of

some juggler



dedication to a work of systematic inquiry