25 AUG    2008


0 : 45 in the morning


what is it like? on bank holiday monday morning, to be lying down on this white sheet, after installing catering equipment all weekend, after you finished reading Real Education and watching Democracy Now! thinking you have nothing to read and nothing to watch ..

you were driving from one diy shop to the next looking for a screwdriver, everything was closed, everything's closed, you thought, it's sunday, the sunday before the bank holiday monday, you thought, everything's closed, when suddenly the radio was playing from the heights, a transposition of birdsong into modern music by Messiaen which rises, it can really be said and hangs   before plunging like the lark

a moth has landed on the sheet near your face         after a period, its trembling antennae settle back along its wings

the sun was breaking out in flashes of intense heat between periods of cloud cover when it felt like autumn

I have an excellent ear, the curator from the Natural History Museum was saying, but I never applied myself to formal training      if I had another life, the curator said, I would force myself to play like  this

the sun was behind the clouds and it felt like autumn. periodically as you drove, the sun would break out in a flood of heat: people who were unconsciously stooped would arch their backs: turning their limbs in it