2 DEC - 22 DEC   2011

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brown brown white green blue white blue green white red red white]

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[ cp R09_0004_shangani_dawn.WAV from 2 - 12 - 2011 sea distantly and variably audible]

[and blackmacbook/desktop/grant tzfrom lacie/video/tz2011videocapture/clip10 mosquito net from 10-12-11 morning - time sig is wrong]

you cannot record the sound of the wind in Shangani by the Indian Ocean. the endless variation of the wind is lost, as it moves the leaves of the palms, at the same time as the ocean itself draws nearer: as the tide comes across the long pitted stretch of coral and sand it gradually becomes audible before becoming conscious. you wake up already immersed in the sounds of the wind and distant sounds of the ocean coming nearer. the ocean rises to by its highest point, some people swim in it, then gradually withdraws; leaving some people sitting in the shade at the top of the beach. it is what? half a mile away. groups of shellfish hunters and fishermen in canoes move along its distant shimmering edge. throughout this long in and outpouring of the tidal ocean, experienced as a long cycle of in and exhalation, or in and out of _______, the sea - conveyed especially by its sound, flows into the perception of the people living on the shore, whose consciousness of its constant approach and withdrawal - its ebbs and flows - exists in some relation - synechdocal? to the sea itself. the ocean is not distinct from the sounds of wind and varied foliage which convey it, which in turn sometimes sound like the flow of water. when it rains, new complexes of changing aqueous sounds overlie the wind along with the ocean over the coral and sand. the different leaves all move differently (mbalimbali), giving a different timbre; faint sounds come from the window drapes and [fainter still] mosquito nets, which

4 DEC 2011

you're on a plane flying from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam not long after takeoff. it's around 7. it's dark in the East, with a little blue and red left above the clouds to the West. the propeller makes a dark smudge in front of the blue band, and a little light outlines the air intake, which comes forward to behind the propeller like an open mouth. two dots of light are visible below: fires or fishers' lights, then dark. there are no stars yet. a few clouds reach up into the narrowing band of dark blue and orange, making elongated or piled silhouettes. occasionally another fire will appear. they must be fires. more fires in what is now pitch dark below. have you moved over the land? either people are lighting cooking fires now, or you are coming to an area of denser habitation. now some lights of vehicles. more fires, and lights. are you coming to the outlying area of dar es salaam? the lights in the cabin went off. you're landing

Angela Makota CDC 11-12 nr Ocean Road Hospital


5 DEC 2011

youre sitting in the garden of the courtyard hotel drinking passion juice. your head, for some reason, is tilted forward. so you notice at first the thick broad leaved grass growing around the slabs where this table is standing. a man with some bright yellow fluid in the bottom of a water bottle arrives and starts scrubbing the furniture by the small rectangular pool, surrounded by tiles painted tile red, and in turn by the tough thick leaved grass. it's cool in the shade and there's a breeze. it's already hot in the sun. the sky is blue white. on the front of the Daily News, Joel Bendera, Regional Commissioner for Morogoro, is shown receiving a wreath from a female soldier to lay
"which he laid on the graveyard of South Africa's ANC freedom fighters at the Dakawa Cemetery in Kilosa District yesterday"
He is seen in a landscape of angular stone graves, raised from the paved ground and surrounded by low stone walls, as if in anticipation of ruin, in which the wreath of red, yellow and white roses, interspersed with leaves and small white blossom, makes a colourful contrast. A guard of soldiers stands in the background, the stocks of their guns resting on the ground. Some other people in red and white behind them. The Regional Commissioner wears a dark suit and the soldier wears fatigues

a crow clambers on the palm trees and calls. these crows are a feature of this hotel. the waiters used to shoot at them with a slingshot hanging on a pillar, but the hotel has been taken over by a South Africa based chain and the slingshot has gone. I thought the crows were gone, poisoned perhaps. it is good they have come back.

Msheba, Maweni Farm

027 264 0427 0784 307 841

take IT bus to Soni

arr: saa nane (8 in the afternoon) - 2 pm


itaondoka saa 2 itafika saa 8

arrive at the station saa 1 or 1.30

DAUDI (Ibariki Tanzania IT)

ofisi 17

things for trip to check:

sasha sandals

[drawing of atmospheric pressure displacing magnesium in a tube]

mayugwa - coco yam

shamba la miwa sugar cane farm

Grevillea robusta

7 DEC 2011

you're brushing your teeth in the house at Maweni Farm




fig   tree           ficus

keystone (species) - C cauliflora

drawing of a keystone in an arch

8 DEC 2011

you're sitting in the vegetable garden behind the farmhouse at Maweni among the rows of peppers and millet, eggplants and millet. the songs and calls of the white-browed robin-chat fall among the sounds of people working in the farms behind the hedge and preparing food in the house, interspersed with calls of mousebirds, sunbirds and bulbuls. you are immersed in the sounds as in the foliage of the garden at Maweni. it rained at night and half the day, soaking the dark soil of Maweni until around midday it started to brighten, bringing everything and everybody back out into the open. there are not enough microphones and batteries to capture the garden of Maweni in the E Usambara mountains, you think. the density of the garden at Maweni Farm, immersed in years of gardening among the agroecosystems of the valleys above Moshi entirely eludes all your equipment.


you're sitting in the garden at Maweni farm when an African Emerald Cuckoo flies into the dry tree above you. it moves from branch to branch delicately. such a bird - emerald and yellow - startles and captivates a person, who immediately wants to show it to a certain person. that bird animates the interchange of information between human and non human beings in this rich deep garden: it whistles whi'twau woo -wee, often translated, we learn, as 'hello georgie': this is the kind of address: a direct clear call..


Tingatinga paintings at Maweni farm

ZUBERI leopards
KAMBILI zebras
KIBIRA buffalo, bird, rhino
CHAKINA fishing


9 DEC 2011

by a smouldering fire put to keep monkeys off the corn field -

along with a hanging shirt about 30m on down the track

[shelter with dog]

shelter with fire and shirt



gogwe drawing of a fruit [tomatillo?]


record mode: HA1920


warblers [weavers]: clips 18-28
resume with new external hard disk


on LACIE black disk:

warbler [weaver] clips captured from clip 29 -

weave [flock]

African Golden and Grosbeak weavers in reeds: Maweni, Soni, Usambara, 8 DEC 2011 - 9 DEC 2011 (50th anniversary of Indepence [siku ya uhuru - day of freedom])

3 versions:

1. for installation as 5 (?) channel video + audio projection with 5 (?) HD projectors: scale 1:1 ie reeds about the height of a person

2. for online as 1 or 2 page construction

3. mobile version where multiple users load different channels to re-construct the weaver community


log: weavers are clips 18-54 and 59-81

[clips 14-17 are test (deleted from LACIE orange)


shangani nets: clips 6-13


some house (shangani)

clips 4-5

[ insert: drawing for an installation as a corridor with 3 projectors on each side onto back projecting screens]

clip 55 is a tunnel "trench" for hiding during a war - KIGULU HAKWELWA: The Peak is not (to be) climbed

MAGAMBA FOREST - 9 DEC 2011 (50th anniversary of Independence: Siku ya Uhuru

clip 56 || a fire left smouldering to fool monkeys ||

clip 57 a shirt left hanging to fool monkeys

clip 58 a smouldering fire and a shirt hanging in a shelter - left to fool monkeys

clips 56-5: all: edge of the Magamba forest: in maize fields above Lushoto, Usambara, 9 DEC 2011 (siku ya Uhuru)

[put in SIGNS?]

"as the corn cobs form, they attract monkeys from the protected forest. the farmers, knowing that the monkeys can quickly strip the plants of the just ripening cobs - with their soft silks [still topped with pollen bearing tassels, of the just forming cob]
the farmers stay in the fields as much as they can to ward off the monkeys, which can be heard in the trees on the forest edge. when they are forced to abandon their crops for a time, they leave *smouldering fires and hanging shirts* to fool the monkeys into thinking they are still there.. [9 DEC 2011] shelter roofed with banana leaves
[2] .. or working in the field - having momentarily laid down their hoe (jembe) [1] - or standing at the forest edge, looking alternately towards the trees, and out over the valley of ripening crops..



new audio folders set up on LaCie Black:


clips are called either R1 or R9

some of these clips are *paired ie there are 4-channel pieces - although much of the material is bitty and incomplete because of issues with equipment, batteries, etc.

-> need to be sorted, + labelled


audio cont.

shangani audio needs to be sorted + labelled - esp *dated


nb *bats video* is dar es salaam 5 DEC 2011 evening Ali Hassan Mwinyi Rd

[mosquitos biting]

takeoff + landing

Dar es Salaam 4 DEC


Zanzibar Kitchen by Javed Jafferji

out of print / unobtainable / expensive

instead see: "how to cook a dish of food for a family or gathering with various ingredients" also:


Samsung NC215 solar powered netbook

[but where do you leave it to charge? in the sun? in Mambo we met somebody who was going to get one - the kind with the panels on the lid - she was going to hide it up on her roof! this was somebody who divided their life between research on monkey aggression and the palliative effects of seaweed on breast cancers - a very nice person btw]


you're sitting by a table in the courtyard of the courtyard hotel. every now and then a bat will fly down into the the courtyard to drink from the small rectangular pool, casting a shadow, leaving a small disturbance in the still water of the pool - which almost perfectly reflects the surrounding buildings and the NO DIVING sign backwards and upside down.


mchiriku - protest music from Dar (1990s) - urban youth music with often homemade instruments "musiki ya wahuni" ("music of hooligans") -> Jagwa Music - book them for summer 13 - e'd kirsty]


plane leaves 8.30

need to arrive 7.

need to leave 6.30 ?

13 DEC 2011

it's 10 after 3 in the morning. you're lying in bed in the Peacock Hotel, Dar es Salaam. You can't sleep. you went to a chinese restaurant [to buy a loaf of bread bread bread]. in 2 1/2 hours you will be getting up, loading your bags into a taxi and riding out to Julius Nyerere international airport. by the end of the day you'll be in London. you'll be cooking spaghetti, you'll be dealing with the things that have happened in the house while you've been away. this hotel looks out over the Umoja Mnazi [Unity Palmtree] grounds, now deserted. It isn't quiet like the courtyard hotel. the chinese people running the chinese restaurant were shouting at the african people doing the waiting. the waiters were dressed up. the managers, or proprietors, were wearing old T-shirts and shorts. the man walked through the restaurant sniffing a glass of something. he started shouting at the waiter for some fault. later the woman was shouting at the waiters. in another place, some Asian proprietors were snapping their fingers at the waiters and ordering them here and here like servants. your heart sinks. the heart of a waiter recoils perhaps into a place. a waiter has few rights, if any, in a restaurant. he or she can not afford to protest against the treatment they receive: on one hand from the proprietors; on the other from the so called guests, the clients. [the proprietors and the clients are allied against you, as clear from that documentary where the waitress finally talks back to the absurd client and is immediately dismissed. eating in a restaurant means entering an obscene alliance against working people.] eat spaghetti in our own house. but when you're travelling you are dealing with these people, who are serving you food. you sat between a chinese soap opera and David Cameron. David Cameron, as they say, was at the dispatch box: time passed, the Commons emptied: the increasingly charicatured members lined up to enact their questions. the prime minister was holding his own: fluent; deceitfu; focused on the language: removed from its impulse toward contact; language as fence. once the notion of attempting to answer is removed, the effort to respond to the questioner in the spirit of a meeting, it's a stale game. of course the questions are themselves inhuman: framed as an inquiry of one person to another, these so called questions, to which no answer is expected, serve only to wear out the language leaving it deadened, the user disconsolate. it is hard to embrace Bruno Latour's open acceptance even love of political representatives, which he describes as equal to his engagement with sciences - as these scenes are shown. of course there is no sound.

your eyelids fall: you are tired. 4:07. the phone is set for 5.30. it's quite quiet now outside. people in the city will be getting up about now. in fact there is a rattling of steel bins, or something. then still. there is no natural ventilation in this building: the Peacock Hotel. the A/C is on low. the windows look out on the next door concrete building. but here at the front over the Umoja Mnazi - the Unity Palm Tree Grounds. you remember the New Africa Hotel where you were placed last year while the airports in London were closed by snow: you looked out over that big church to the harbor.

you met a young man while you were looking for a place to buy an airtel voucher. you described what you had heard about the snow. I don't think he got it. it was hard to believe. by the time you got into city airport a few days later, there was nothing left but grey slush. the pipes in the house had frozen.

the plane will roar up the runway, lift off, the wheels will clunk up into the fuselage. people are talking in the hall. wheeling a suitcase. operating the lift. coughing. it is dark except for the red light on the A/C controller and reflectors on a bag. there is a greenish light across the street. the shadows outside shift faintly, recalling foliage, maybe cast by the light through the trees. are the palm trees on the Umoja Mnazi Ground? - if that is the name of that area - you don't know. you think of || the palm trees in the wind at Shangani by the Ocean || the reflection on the window seems to be the abstracted shadow of trees some way away across Umoja Mnazi with a strong light behind them.

there is more noise and traffic now: disembodied sounds; mechanical activities. you were moved out of the Courtyard Hotel following a confusion over the booking. now you are here. the Peacock Hotel has long corridors and lifts. in an hour or 2 you will be gone. in these situations, after lying awake all night, a person usually falls deeply asleep just before they are woken up. the alarm will go on the phone on the table by the bed.

Rural Energy Agency

Christmas Presents

Marion Thoreau journals
Alex call; Richter catalogue?
Paula dynamo
Reed bird call app ?
Ginny bird calls ?
Marion bird calls of provence?
Lisa Louvre film
Liam concert tickets
Simon || tree ||

email Carleton + Astha

Charlie seeds, tools, veg films



Black MacBook

HD: 2.5" SATA notebook drive
5400 RPM
7200 also works (faster)

• need • Phillips #0 screwdriver and • anti-static wrist strap
• Torx T8 screwdriver

small flathead
black stick
dental pick
nylon spudger

383.16 to fit new LCD screen



Macguys 020 876 71955 22 Tooting Bec Road 150 Max for data recovery

sketch map showing Macguys just east of Tooting Bec Station along Tooting Bec Rd

drawing of a hanging bar for a kitchen

drawing of a hanging rack for a kitchen

drawing of a hanging bar with triangular end section

figure of 8 links

• concert tickets for grant + liam
• trees
• climbers


Into Eternity


drawing of a page in narrow portrait orientation with a squiggle above lines of text

225 x25


proof 30




Melanie 0207 613 8274

Circus Space

jumper   sam
? printing
? light
hedgehog folder

urban outfitter

pick up sasha 3 british library

20 DEC 2011

you're on the underground from Brixton. you're going into town. your computer is still broken. you have not been able to recover the data. after losing a year of work you are suspended. first you went to logosystems. now your computer is at Macguys in Tooting Bec. you have no idea if Macguys will be able to repair your computer, much less recover data from the damaged hard drive. you call them but they don't pick up

Data Recovery Direct

Job Number 18098

put the job number on the package with the address:

Data Recovery Direct
10 Royal Parade
Hanger Lane
London W5 1ET

Ytam Ottolenghi


22 DEC 2011

it's 2.30. you're lying on your back. yesterday S was 9. Macguys cannot recover data from your drive, you learned. the track is out of alignment. tomorrow you will go to Tooting Bec to that computer service centre that smells of foxes to pick up the drive. either you will send it or you will take it to Hanger Lane to give it to Data Recovery Direct. once you give it to them, in 1-2 working days you will no [know] if data can be recovered from that hard drive. then you will know what has been lost. at that point you will begin the process of going mentally through the various sectors of that drive, recalling in memory the lost data: words, images and sounds, which have been unaccountably removed from _________. all those materials, sitting now in a service centre at 22 Tooting Bec - a service centre and internet cafe smelling of foxes just to the West [East?] of the common, where the river or stream, you imagine, the bec flowed through Tooting or perhaps still flows in culverts and pipes - all that data sits as if in another room, beside.. you sit in one room: in the room beside, that data is sitting; however, it has become inaccessible     it was disorganized. a thoughtless person involved in a Health Conference went into the computer room where your computer was working. of course he used his influence to obtain access to that computer room which was locked. in the process of doing the printing job he was so urgent to do he of course kicked your computer off the desk where it was left. of course that area was a chaos of cables left by the technician. he took the print job and left the computer with the screen broken and the drive destroyed. he returned to the Health Conference he was involved in with his printout. he never said a word about the damage he did, which you are working through now, these weeks later, in the last days of the year. his work between Tanzania, Germany and Switzerland continues, you imagine
you remember that you went in to the computer room - now open, when Edward Nzigilwa at once got up with a worried and concerned expression pointing out the damage to your machine which was much greater than anybody then realized - thinking it was a broken screen. you remember turning away with your face toward the wall. all those responses were gone through without retaliating or displaying excessively. you discussed with Iain McHenry the likely options for recovering data from that drive, once it was clear the machine would not run with an external display. you put a bag over the screen and put the machine away. as soon as you got back to London you began the process of diagnosis of the damaged machine, first with Logosystems of Greenwich, now with Macguys of Tooting Bec, tomorrow you will go to Data Recovery Direct, who claim to recover 95% of damaged drives - extracting, you imagine, oceans of data for a list of corporate clients. who knows what all the data is that these clients have lost - 95% of which is restored. in the vast sea of data restlessly flowing day and night around this planet, the status of this data of yours is unclear. we know of the loss of somebody's work in a textile fire. some work we know of which was lost which can not be imagined, even from the fragments remaining. certain works, famously, marked for destruction, were preserved by acts of disobedience: the pools and gardens at the Alhambra; the books of Kafka. most lost works, of course, we know nothing about: the complete works of human beings, apparently so exhaustive, are little more than a fragment, pointing to vast lost reservoirs - even _________ [caves?] which are entirely unknown. who knows what insights have been lost there [deleted section] for our purposes. what purposes! we hear about mole rats: these animals never emerge from underground and are unaffected, it seems, by seasonal changes. they explore by vibration and smell, extending their ephemeral burrows in all directions


[last page: phone numbers]


using their strong front legs, it is said, 'like spades'