GREY NOTEBOOK 6 SEP 2014 - 17 DEC 2014


GREY NOTEBOOK 6 SEP 2014 - 17 DEC 2014

put a tent on the Locus Sonus soundmap

pv out - 7468.3 kWh


train tickets to Market Harborough
Ref: N55LKTF2
train DEP: 14.29
Loughborough Junction: 13.34 -> 13.53
13.49 -> 14.10


Museum of E Anglian Life - Stowmarket


Open Pollinated Seeds
Peter Brinch
- link w open source
- foundations of food crops a collective process over long periods
- heterosis effects* - F1 hybrids in US in 1920's - working on corn (maize) for animal feed

* increased vigor from meeting of 2 divergent types
- CMS - use of Natural Male Sterility (CMS) for hydridisation
1964 - patents for seeds
1972 - seed listings
1972 - Heritage Seed Library set up to preserve seeds excluded from listing
1980 - involvement of chemical companies in seed production

see cultural seeds - produce + bank seeds

[rhubarb leaves to kill aphids?]

-> promote OPS
-> promote Heritage Seed Bank
-> link to open-pollinated seeds organisations


-> write OPS ino eg constitutions
-> article to Magazine
-> collaborate to get enough plants to save seed

grow Tomato: Black Russian

get Seed to Seed book
Esquinas Lodge in Costa Rica
Asa Wright - Trinidad + Tobago

AUG 2015
Rutland Bird Fair


Hiatus Kaiyote o /

Gilles Peterson o /

[drawing of a soundtent in a radiating field]


o pi applications - share for refining

[drawing: cleft]

o soundCamp food + drink - apply for x packages for presentation

[drawing of a dip]

propose maweni for Lambeth Open

[drawing of a tent with pi broadcasting flecks and rays; drawing of a microphone with fur or tree with spines]


Pi Ed fund: ? simplify by remworking pre-workshop?

'a3718.65 payable now


sam [sand?] sounds


cf0 ulc0 The Silk Road 20 SEP 2014
49 Camberwell Church St
xinjang specialities - lamb kebabs
- veg dumplings
- salads: kelp, cucumber
- meat dumplings
dumpling: leek + shrimp
mix veg with noodle
special cooked narrow noodle
xinjang spicy salad
hot + sour shredded potato
hom style cabbage
xinjang lamb shish
[fish shish [del]]
allotments to do
o Sophie + Russell
o Ross Kerr
o Etha Nichols
o cut back nettles on centre island
o Malevitch show
o Bauhaus book
o Manifestos book
o Chinese penwork
o share flying sam images
o trip to the bookstore
o BS Johnson box book
o Julio Cort'e1zar


o Fontcuberta
o Fu Manchu
o TinTin
CRISAP 24 SEP 2014
1. intro
Locus +
2 publication ----- interim publication document
1 joint workshop w students (JAN - FEB)
3 academic advisor role


European funding
Creative Voucher
Elektra on feminish school
SME _ academic partner
JAN - FEB BA students
* - write a 1 page proposal
as a point of listening special
or MA
with Marechal ?
Esm'e9e Fairbairn
Paul Hamlyn


o follow up with Esquian (1) link in Costa Rica
o put Rutland Bird Fair in diary
o publication for AUG 2015 - time based form?


Adriana (Apple) 8-4.30
0080027752775 ext 50 50 197
or support:
0844 209 1507
case number 666379892


Lynda (Estate..)
Estate Pride fund
1 o fencing: responsibility?
2 o play features - re design as seating area with informal zone for planting? eg with carved logs - child friendly ? grass cut with push mower - other surface as alternative for bonded gravel
Pinnacle could cut it
- re-use slabls?
3 o buffer zone - 300mm min - don't plant by building
4 no ivy


o coxwell gravel instead of bonded
o build in maintenance
o Pinnacle on green roofs
o opp Vale St depot - green roof by John Little
metal rails: 'a3150 / m installed - cost

timber alternative
o indicate maintenance
o fixed lids on bowsers
TRA: Tenants' + Residents' Assoc. - Doreen
share list of residents
o document + amplify
needs 2 week notice
invite somebody form Lambeth Living


The Live Archive

Longfield Hall wifi


MIT Birdsong
John Bevis

o look to meet with Colin Sackett in first week of NOV
o invite him to the shared sounds remote dropbox
o keep working towards The Live Archive
o maybe do something around self-noise

? jugger meetup ?


keys distributed to

o Katharin
o Tim Yapp
o Mark
o Jane Benham
o Lydia
o Rosemary
o School
o Elizabeth
o (Dick's plot) Jessica
o Nicky Bashall
o Jenny
o Richard
o Fiona
o Rebeka [Rebecca]
[constuct bins for woody waste]
o Arturo
o Louise
o Stephen
o (Janet) Andrea
o John
o ex-plot 2 Amanda Mainey (partner)

# (Melissa)


o contact Gabriella re trees in orchard
o add Kristina to the google group
1 x folder / wallet with handle
1 x presentation folder with 20 leaves
1 OCT 2014 Richard SAM
- help w recrutiting streamers
- SAM Blog
- budget
- funding available by 1 APR
- dates for confirmation of locations
- send invoice in late MAR -> present budget after x% witheld
not tied to individual items
- Rochard can help with applicaitons
- description + image by tmoro
check PLI
Richard Julia Baker [press]
talk about audiences
add SAM + Arts Council logos


soundCamp dates

M: writing NOV 2014 - APR 2015
M+G open all comms with existing people
- build a contacts database
o G: mail Sounding Out toward MAR/APR
o plan to share 49m cut around
o check out sonic terrain
o draft workshop plan
+ creative voucher schemes
o email dawn about MAR event at SLG (maybe involve SAM)
- blueprint by mid OCT


o respond to Helen's email to find date for Southwell Rd TRA
o meet Walter next Tuesday 7 OCT


PaLM finance -
- make 3 spreadsheets
/o 2012-13
/o 2013-14
/o trip budget
o check about per diems
+ accommodation
with k
/ share past expenses sheet with K ->


o update PaLM contacts
o Max + me to do the tumblr
o put stuff in the dropbox

o logo
o strategy stuff
o 1+ report for DEC 2012
o images

o K to start pre trip newsletter on the hackpad for release by NOV

soundCamp contacts -

add Esther Ferrer
Tom Johnson

+ contact Esther + Tom

o make the blueprint a work in process, a collective document
-> include area for input
o + send it out
o contact TZ people urgently about Maweni Farm + arrange meetings
o contact bird woman at UCL
o do Pi Ed Fund on basis of collab with
- pears x 2 (/)
- check price of strimmer
- check invoice from Southward
-> Jill? ->

urgent : forward involces to Jill


[[drawing of soundtent and another tent [listening tent] linked by waves in a landscape (schematic) - landscape]]


Pi workshops
1. LCC i day workshop

nos: ? 15 small groups of 3
'a330 wolfson
1 morning: Brief introduction to live audio streaming: Amacer, Bill Fontana, Locus Sonus, reveil
2 Building Pi streamboxes:
working with:
- Linux
- darkice
- soundcards
3 Soldering electret condenser microphones
to keep 'a315 mono
'a325-'a330 stereo
4 testing / listening

could adjust: numbers -
activities - eg remove soldering?
Pi workshop 2
Stave Hill
20 participants
SLGl 20 (5 groups of 4)

1 build pi streamboxes
2 testing / listening
3 prepare mailout of 3 Pi'l
+ installation of 1 locally
[1 for backup]
5 x pi's + peripherals + audio: 'a3500
2 x artists = 'a3300
extra equipment, mailout, refreshments = 'a3100
TOTAL 'a3900
-> 'a3450 match funding?
'a3250 Stave Hill /
'a3200 SLG split


Art Assassins
1400/700 | 350 | 300
discuss w Ray about sound systems
Martin A Smith


sorting out tumblr?

1 account or more?

eg - self-noise
| |
reveil | soundtent
partnerships - london mtwara


| palm-community


soundtent *
soundcamp ?
soundcamp 2015?



focus on: . research
. contextualise
. deeper evaluation
. pull different projects together in
the blog + sketchbook

let ana vicente know about TZ



o basic poting guidelines
o 250 word limit
o heading
o picture
-> commission 10 posts pre-trip
draw on those for newsletter

o arrange menus + links to site
Sweet England recorded by Alan Lomax 1958
[off-kilter folk]


Anna Green 07730 939 947
allotment keys left: to distribute
Eric Kerr 53 Grove Land SE5 8SP
Mrs Jackson 5 Archdale Road SE22 9HL


greenpeace - review contribution


o owe Kashvir Veg. 'a31.50


Chris de Laurenti
Goldsmiths 16 OCT 2014

N30 Live at the WTO protests
Ultra-Red N30

o reveiw online resources
o other maps
: google Earth
: streetmap
o do a walk + measure perimeter
. cameras
. clipboards (extra)
. A4 paper
. tape measures
. rope

-> categroize fence: non-existent
: brokoen + permeable
: in good repair
work out how to record
this stuff digitally
knog bicycle light


Kai Kye ? records
Graham Lam(b)kin
Outlink +
Kai / Kye Recrods artists
o check out OU oceans course
o contact Andy Perkins about primates in Usambara
- copy sasha in
o juice project -> tech
food hygience
o John Muir
o mapping
o perimeter
o habitats
o stakeholders
o suveys
o naturebytes

what do hedgehogs need?

o undergrowth - map areas + measure
o + open space - area?
o food: insects
slugs research
o enough space - confirm area
o perimeters
o foxes - research
o roads
o railways
o existing population?
o stakeholders
o folklore

[stakeholder diagram - chaotic]
dialogues with lewisham ecology
friends of DRNTR

hedgehog sanctuary
hedgehog pres trust
John Muir
(Tony Canning)
funders Garthorne Road
RSPB Railtrak
muddy boots group
. public engagement


NOW check GIGL daabase
DEC plan public engagement
NOV do hedge survey
NOW chekc w Nick Pond what docs are av
NOW check w Tony Canning about ecological survey data
NOV Thaddeus on hedgehog diets
NOW email hedgehog rescue people
* sashas to present in DEC
? trailcam ?
o check about Open Street Map (Max)


o MAX: lessons with Becky 1
20 OCT 2014


[drawing of a capital letter p with a hole in it, looks like wood]

[sketch of a sign with birds in TingaTinga style and wording
Partnerships London Mtwara (PaLM) ]



o build contact list
o enough into under each heading
o emails around Sam stay
o PaLM banking
o Max education statement
o Rescue animals - Sasha
webmake > appmaker
from Mozilla
appmaker/mobile webmakers

Mozilla Badge scheme
cariboudigital 1 Mobile
ICT for D
for development
sideloading -> music in Nigeria
see article
used smartphone=$20 in May
global market
"the next billion phone users [will be in] emerging markets:
- people more dependent on informal networks
o variable income -> short term economic decisions
-> periods of offline
o share devices fro different activities
Webmake App
2 Internet of Things
transient aps Web of Things (WoT)
or with
Avinash Kumar
Lifeline for Education


codeclub ? 3 Youth
HIV + digital learning network
networks org
radiozilla (Toronto)


Think Big applications for youth groups
'a3300 in first instance
panel once a month
peer to peer is good
see festival of code in Hoxton
Young Rewired State


HRDCVR music mag



location based audio


Angelopolous: The Players [?]


PI work 27 OCT 2014

o check the log on the wifi pi
o swap the london-camberwell SD card
o check the ltest disk image
o upload
o advertise
o install Pi more permanently


-> /o flash locusreveil.img to SDCard
/o update scripts
/o implement WiFi reconnects
/o double check copy file + rename default or make a backups folder
o copydisk image + rename locusr reveil
+ re ? ize on the NAS


Christian Nold + Alison Fairbairn
- meet 10 NOV
10.30 AM - Wellcome or somewhere

soundCamp site

// o finish Patners Page
o make a 2014 set of page accessible from the 2014 tab:
2 . streams 2014 - with:
- name
- image
- link to clip
- link to projects
- in order by longitude
3 documents + links
p 1 [credit for ky's image on 2014 splash]
// make a table for streams 2015
in order - with players ---------------------------------------------------> OR set it up like featured streams, ie with 1 player
- map link?
- link to LS

- make some blank td's for new streams as the become available

? max - make a map that shows where the sun is
is / where the sound is coming from


? whether the play + the list can sit on a phone

[drawing of a phone in landscape mode with a picture, a player and a scrolling list]

[drawing of a phone in portrait with the image at the top and the list at the bottom]

(bubble water bottle)

Maclies - Tate Modern
SUN 8 pm

- wifi reconnect script to Wolfson
1 - test Wolfson with lind in 24hr over wifi
[- optimally add
test for internet connection + reboot]

2 stereo USB : set up over ethernet + test - pops ->
try B+ -> order new mini SD cards
3 max: write a 24 hr reboot script /
-> + test

with an internet connect test + reboot script

test those
4 update Raspbian / + test Pi B+


the story of Maths

. write IP
. run darkice on boot
. if darkice crashes, re darkice
[include ? of darkice.cfg
. wifi stay up thing
o ? 24h re-start
Film for Christmas
Pervert's Guide to Cinema
Pervert's Guide to Ideology - buy
The Travelling Players - rent


TO DO before TZ

o cat fur balls
o talk w Jane about chickens
o talk w Jill about cats
TZ equipment
- microphones
- Icicles
0 SD CARD + microSDcard readers
- SD Card cases + micro SD car cases
- XLR mic cables



Shane Wassander

Vanessa Barber for Vanessa Hampton
ecolocal training hub for community grdensers

sustain: growing for health
Wageningen: growing + mental health
Lancaster Un
Nantes gardens

things to do to Wolfson:
1. copy stream_configuration.cfg
2. replace ? sream settings
3. update settings to wolrson cfg
4. add crontab file containing: 1 wifi 2. 24 hr restart
5. move the wolfson GUI to stream_settings
6 set the default with vol=50 on all channels


55: .1408 32/51.2

5.5 7.3__
x4 3|22.00

x = 15
---------- ---------
16 20

20 x = 15 x 16


[drawing of a triangle with 1 sied 12 and base 18]

[drawing of triangle with base 12 and sides 8 and 10]


[in sasha's handwriting:
max x-mas present
at the eges of unsertanty
micle brooks
Band name
Those feelings come creaping up in me
Sargant buzzfuz
gomen fealing


piece of paper press Tony White ?

Stewart Brisley
The Revolutionary Calendar (Sanja ______)
1793(2) [2]
1806 - abolished
renamed all the
saint days as vegetables etc [18th C agricultural time]
a return to Nature, planetary revolutions
see "Into Day 1 of the Rev Period"

the Cenotaph and the PUblic Sphere
"The Holborn Cenotaph"

'a monument is also to the
what is an event
the shock of the closed future -
(-1989-) the French Revolution
is now over
failre vs success is irrelevant -
what can performance tell us about
the past? - analogy
an emerging of self-referential phenomenon:
in The French Revolution
The Rev Calendar was pre authored
by Marichal
tactic of satyrical reversal
The South Pole Times - meteorologist Scott Simpson -
Science Ficiton Story on Climate Change
cp Perec: W -
Shackleton's Man Goes South (free)

Climae Change comprises multiple realities, not jus the technocratic narrative authorised by a particular class.
CliFi - climate fiction - eco books
maritime migrants
Stuart Brisley often stops his performances before the end because they have failed - and before he starts to construct something new
What is an artist? Maricahl - holding on to the ide of an exterior position - art as not sealed off from other areas of life
[Zombies: Dawn of the Dead 1978]
Rev. Calendar: no happy ending an unmodern event
pancakes: 3 cups flour (self raising)
scant 1/2 cup sugar (more like 1/3 or even 1/4)
2 tsps baking powder
pinch of salt


DRC - mapping

o doesn't appear on network
o update the ip report text.

[drawing of a peg and a notched board?]


jamming effect

X mind



meeting with Stephen Sexton

Park Campus Academy
for examps
next steps: -> 6 month review
-> yearly meetings

LARA 12 NOV 2014
. hedge in front [maybe instead of grass]
. fence repaired: alter or replace?
. access for equipment now fence is fixed
. planters instead
. work through LARA - but without a sub-group for now
. links wiht Brockwell Park
RM o print course overview
o print worksheets for day 1
o print whole course
o photocopy overview x 20
o photocopy workshop ? x 20
o assemble packs

sh + p

CUT / PaLM cards - SAM, G
/ Research methods x 20
/ load materials onto USBs


[load SH material onto USBs x 50 K]

[o tumblr
o export tumblr as newsletter
o finish contacts
/ Research Methods design + pront x 20
Adapt + print club certificate x
- check jackie princess email

/ PaLM cards: cut
/ music lesson transfer
/ 'a3130 cash -> sam
/ print precision air tickets
/ waterproofs



/ cover wood
/ collect contact lenses
/ check + pack tech
/ binoculars
/ check bank account - call bank
/ mail Ana Vicente
/ books
[/] o check hard disk space
/ check external disk
/ call green building store [mailed]
/ projector(s) -> Sharmani?
/ swahili books
/ video camera - / charge / check
/ extension cable
/ surge protectors
/ contact Lisa '96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96>

/ passports
/ central heating to low
/ windows
/ cable tie bags?
/ hard drives away
[[[ batteries + charger - crossed out]]
[/] phone chargers
[o] pack clothes
[/] pack shoes
[[[ notebooks - crossed out]]
[/] empty gridege + food
[[[John (insight) 0844 692 7208 - crossed out]]]]]


cab: Dulwich Cars 8AM
0208 693 9933
0203 151 8888
Heathrow from 'a335 Terminal 2


TURKISH AIRLINES baggage receipt stickers

London Heathrow to Dar es Salaam
14 NOV 2014



o check courtyrd hotel bookings



shopping list
o/ toilet paper
o/ chumvi salt
o/ fruit
o water
o/ flour
o/ rice - michele
o/ beans
o/ kibiriti - matches
o milk
o/ baking powder
o/ spices
o/ onions
o/ kitunguu saumu
o honey
o/ yeast hamira
o pasta
o/ viazi

o/ lengu - lentils
16 NOV

buy: o fruit
o/ margarine
o/ pineapples
o/ onions
o papaya o/ pumpkin
o passion o avocado
o maembe o/ limes ndimu
o karoti
o/ mboga ya majani
o/ lengu
o/ sabuni ya kufua nguo
o/ pasta
o/ kisamvu
o/ pili pili
o/ maharagwe '96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96>
o/ tomatoes
o juice
o soda
o/ coconuts
o/ assemble packs
o powerpoint review

o/ chopping board
o knife
o vijiko
o grater
o mtandao wa intaneti
o hinari
'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96> o surge protector

17 NOV
o/ cooking oil
o surge protector
o/ greens
o/ pumpkin
o/ pili pili hoho
o/ ndizi
o grater
o coffee
0/ ndimu
0/ fruit

o/ malindi (green bananas)
18 NOV 2014
your'e stitting in the porch of the house near the sea in Shangani, on the outskirts of Mtwara. you're suffounded by the sounds of birds. more distant sounds of building and hammmering and power sawing are also heard. it's an old house surrounded by coconut palms, bananas, limes, lemons and soursops. a gate open onto a messy field down to mangroves and the sea. roosters from nearby yards, hooded crows, constant up and down of the weaver and sparrow colonies in the palm over the equipment shed. a motorcycle slowly over speedhumps on the newly tarmaced road. dogs on and off. scratching a mosquito bite. when species meet, Donna
Haraway tells us, they become what they are. a person develops in frictive encounters with others. you hear the daily flight from Dar es Salaam arriving late, coming in over the turquoise reefs - in over the red earth surrounds of Mtwara. when the crow starts cawings, all the other birds begin to call. the liquid notes are a bulbul - a bird of grdens and human habitation in the way of the robin and the hoopoe. the colonies in the palms are densely comprised of various weaver nests constructed by two species of weaver: [insert], and partially occupied
by Swahili sparrows. similarly to the co-growth of persons in close frictive relations with others, people develop in association with other species at various degrees of involvement and separation. some kind of Mzungu head off to work in their car. an oil or development person, who lives alone. living in suspension from their so called normal life, they will later reference these times as exceptional times: times of encounters. Frank appears
[audio: Tue 18 NOV morning around 8 AM]
the music house
(Cameroon?) Radio 3
Karol Konka
19 NOV 2014
you're sitting in the porch in the house on the outskirts of Mtwara, Tanzania - the sky is grey. it's close and it feels like rairn. the crows call then the weaver birds respond. the lemon tree is no sick, probably. it needs water. a light wind is coming up, moving restlessly through fronds of the trees, apertures cast in the walls of perhaps with bottles. the chattering of weavers and grey headed sparrows continues. light levels reduced, the sky appears lower, sound collect under the the lowering sky and resonate like in a bucket. the wind is coming up - disturbing the microphone - moving in heavy passes through the foliage. disturbance: anticipation. thinking of the revolutionary calendar, your thoughts pass out towards the tree and pile of rocks and come to an uneasy stop. now a big wind
you made some tougher windscreen our of scraps of synthetic fur.
you put up the live stream: you were listening to sounds of morning in Mtwara, Tanzania
by the sea at Shangani, looking at the turquoise fringe of the sea. then it went quiet. you waited then looked around. the power was down. you do not even know what the power situation is in Mtwara, Tanzania, if the new gas exploitation is bringing reliable power to the people of Mtwara Tanzania, or whether it is being syphoned off to Dar es Salaam. you heard from P that Dr Shengena's guest house was burned with all its contents in the riots. the police were staying there, was why, P said. it's hard to say if the windscreens are interfering with the recording. if you had time to solder it would be great, you think. and to make things from scratch. it's raining across the street. you see the rain across the dirt road, then you smell the rain on the wind, but the rain is not falling around you. the swallow passes in under the porch and wriggles into its nest of pellets of red mud. then the rain comes: you hear it now - but these windscreens aren't enough from this wind. the palm branches wave back and forth, wet earth smells rise from the ground. the parms are holding out their leaves. so far the rain has barely darkened the soil a shade from pinkish red to pinkish brown. the weavers are calling again. a few drops spatter like static pops. a blue bajaji passes on the distant tarmaced road, slowing for the traffic humps. then 2 cars, one in each direction. then a grey car right to left with behind it a green bajaji, the sky has lightened but still overcast. it's risen, sounds opening. a bulbul sings a half phrase - with its distinctive liquid timbre - then another.
short exchange of words with Ash'edn. the sun is out now. Ash'edn says it will rain later. you go inside.
you leave the recorder on, with the notebook on the chair. but you're no longer there. you're inside oiling a tray and shaping rolls for when max and sasha and frank wake up.
a series of descending trills
the pop of a pen lid
a gust of wind.
19 NOV 2014
pi: to do
/ 1. test reveil-pi-3
2. change name to reveil-pi
3 alter SD Card:
/ - blank cfg to default reveil-pi.ogg
- re-update cfg for the mtwara pi
4. copy disk to an image
5. research way to shrink Pi disk image
6. zip
7. test
8 distribute

o/ carrots
o/ rice
o/ water
o/ tomatoes
o/ greens
o (meat)
o/ peppers
o/ aubergines
o nigella mbegu nyeusi
o grater
o spoon
o/ pasta
o/ (mbuzi)
o/ greens
o/ fruit
o sodas, beers
o/ (red) bananas
o kebeji
o onions
Tursday 20 NOV 2014
you're sitting outside the house under the porch. Ash'edn is on the roof, throwing down palm branches and clearing the gutters. Rae and Jona arrive, collect fruit for their workshop, and they leave. ants started to fly last night after the rain but their flight did not become a storm. possibly the weather changed and they delayed their migration. a plane comes over. it seems that two planes are coming in to Mtwara each morning: one is the Precision Air flight from Dar es Salaam; the other you don't know. the battery ran out just before the guy across the road roars off in his car. - a period of thinking which is not productive. a carpenter been explores the swallow nest and the concrete lintels of the porch. Martin, the training organiser at Veta, was describinng the activities of the oli and gas consortium set to extract gas from a huge field extending from Mombasa down the coat to Mozambique. These gas companies eg BG, are funding a VSO programme to fill , as they see, a so called skills gap in the Mtwara workforce by training Veta students in trades and ways of working compatible with employment in the international oil and gas industry. Martin, as a Dutch VSO volunteer, is coordinating this programme within VETA. Mtwara people are largely excluded from the profits of the oil and gas boom. following the riots of 2013, various capital works have been completed, apparently to passify the people of Mtwara,
and a cement factory is being constucted on the the other side of the bay, which is supposed to create 12,000 new jobs in its construction, and ______ in its ongoing production phase. A cement plant! you think. The juxtaposition of those words certainly makes an impression, recalling the French 'planter' - (trans) to fuch. the leaves of the lemon tree have swelled and regained their gloss, you see suddenly. Ashin was right - it just needed water. it had not reached Permanent Wilting Point (PWP) as you were concerned it had its waxy cuticles protected it. the ants continue on the wire - I mean: the ants continue to travel to and fro in a line on the central horizontal wire of the chain link fencing that separates the yard from the red dirt road in front. At the same time - as you hear of renewed, organised demands for payment of the compensation established by the UN inquiry to the people of the Ogoni delta for the whoesaled destruction of their territory by combined activities of the O+G industry and their political representatives, you suspect the historical drivers in Mtwara, S Tanzania have moved on. marking a difference from the narrative lubes of Negarestani and the devil's ecrement poisoning the soils of Ogoni lands and polluting the soil and water of those Latin American regions unlucky enough to find it pooled in their underground basins like black toxic pus, Mtwara is subject ot a somewhat different set of gaseous discourse, tactically distinguished from the old oil stories by the word 'clean'. when we hear the word 'clean' we pause - unclear, really, what
is intended. is it the soft mother - Frank arrives. is this the soft mother, quickly wiping off the infand hand with a damp sponge (?)[we hear their voices, the infant, barely protesting] is it? sadly was are aware - I mean our awareness is accompanied by feelings of heaviness, sadness, and recession of hope - tha these domestic figures are uneasily housed, we can say, in larger structures, where the border between clean and dirt, pure and filth, etc, is a constantly re-charged and re inflamed partitiion.
first the inflamed orifices of the body, wired to the orifices of the evolving minds, growing in those structures: the pods of oil, old mineworks, middens, etc [diversion]. Especially in the United States - see For an End to the Judgement of God - we see well established conjunctions between anal anxieties and fears of faecal contamination. so we see recurring habits of walling off - conceptually and literally - of those materials identified as contaminants, at the same time as, of course, their virulent outbreak in everyday speech and daily behaviour, bug spray etc. with gas the situation is different. gas
has constantly been described as nothing much. flatulence is aside from the production / shame excremental complex. now perhaps this 'natural and seemingly inconsequential function comes into its own: merely by inserting a little pipe in the various anuses presented by the Earth, we are able to draw from these inflated pockets without interfering with the (re)productive functions. just as you of I can pass wind harmlessly without contamination or discomfort, we can now profit from the surplus gas accumulated in the earth's natural cavities. there will be no repeat of the lessons learned from the Ogoni experiences. these materials are clean, light, almost odourless and ready to power a new wave of clean, efficient equipment. there is no local opposition. All the local people of Mtwara, S Tanzania want is a piece of the action. They will have a cement factory with 12,000 jobs, whic his already visible for miles around. This factory will be on a large scale, the sound it produces, alone, will be formidable. The cement plant will be powered by natural gas via a pipe alread layed from the Mnazi Bay Marine Reserve at Msimbati; and construction will include construction of houses for workers. Those houses around the cement plant will house the cement plant workers. The sonic atomosphere will be intense in those inhabited areas, and the dust from the cement factory, and local extraction, proceeding in tandem, will be significant - for those workers. Entry into these workforces will be facilitated by sponsored up skilling programmes in local vocational colleges, with participation of some outside experts. failure to be educated precludes participation in the bubble of history expanding around you. you are a by-stander. with education comes compliance. and a desire to get a position. Health and Safety is a consideration, at a local level. And so is Hygiene. If you can understand what is meant by the word 'clean' - you're half way there.
what is it about weaver birds that is so compelling? of course their collective existence in the margins of human histories, on the edges and in association with human compounds. you walk down along these houses in a state of flux - nobody knows what's going on. we can say: in Mtwara we're only half awake in the nightmare of history. the wheeler dealers even are at a loss. the organs of information are ill informed and or deferential. the weaver birds, following the commencement of the season of light rains (mvua ndogo) are bringing fresh geeen strands and weaving new nests closely interlaced in the palm fronds. the old fenced yard and garden of some absent landlord are full of opportunistic companion species occupying transient niches in the vegetation. houses like the blue house acress the way have yards largely cleared of vegetation. they're all done up and done up and swept. the proprietor comes out each morning and
heads out in his car, in the direction of the cement plant under construction. 'when the house is finished, death moves in.'

- a big lizard with a bright blue hed stands ducking and freezing alternately on the wall by the gate - -
Max arrives.

now there is a big increase in insects - flying ants, grasshoppers, beetles et al - the birds are eating insects and building their nests. weaver birds with black heads are hunting through the lemon tree and the shrubs by the porch, angling their heads and flashing their
red eyes. doves call [descending line of dots diminishing in size and weight - shows falling diminuendo] from somwhere unseen
it is easily forgotten that palm swifts are flying in small groups constantly through the air spaces among the palms, occasionally with high pitched cries. the crows continue periodic circular flights. hornets and butterflies cross the zone in and around the porch from time to time. their proboscis and their stings [ovipositors] hang down. some animals compose [comprise?] each channel. taking each channel as the track or braided tracks through time of diverse Hartmanian objects, we can include the cement plant, the drilling rigs under construction in Singapore, the riots of May 2013, Dr Shengena's Forest Lodge - a project of long gestation and shor life - buildings, vehicles and organisations visible and invisible at different moments, entering the way a wasp crosses the porch or a sparrow famously crossed the mead hall in The Elder Bede. we can take that sparrow to be an actual bird, appearing during a performance, then frozen in flight. we see how these patterns become ripe for consolatory narrat-
ives, if not already submerged in literary figures.
[crossed out]
a tactic is to reanimate such a moment as a place of possibilities
what is this dove with the descending call?
TSH 80,000 -> Rae for 1 daily allowance
TSH 40.000 x 4
7 rooms x 40,000 [4 left]
2 x 4 x 20,000
ask Michael about Msemo


to do: pay insurance - see Caroline Harman-Baker email
mail Lars Johansson [ ]

Margerita x 4
Veg x 2
Pizza proverato x Fungi x 2
Pizza Mare x 2
Pizza Jun x 1
Pizza Sauage x 1

flight at 7.55
ar 7
pickup 6.30
accommodation in Dar +
travel + 4 days / nights
lump sum to hotel in Mtwara: 160,000
Jona: 26,000 then 18,000
Secy 40,00 then 26,000
Ibra 17,500
M 26,000 27,000 23,000
76K + Zanzibar
29 NOV everyone reimbursed by Rae


We owe each person:
Jona 37,500

Secy 40,000

Ibrahim 26,000

Miriam 80,000


send email to William G /


taxi: 0787711613

1. team teach SH at Mtwara
2. get contacts of all graduates of the club from jackiprincess
-> aim to support 2 school visits per year minimum
3. ? teaching
4. graduates advertise [sign?] + deliver youth friendly services
5. ? finding our more about what people are doing already - documentatio by them; ?visit
3 para + picture



1. club facilitator: UK based student?
2. meet Judith LMTTC
*154*44* Airtel to get remaining data


o contact greenpeace about Mtwara + Shell Petroleum
o contact green peach et al about soundscape destruction
o contact bernie krause about article of SR on soundscape destruction

in Mtwara, Tanzania


24 NOV 2014

you're sitting in the porch at Paulo's sister's house in Shangani. the house is on a dirt track [road] off the Shangani coast road. you realize in various ways it is an island: its windows have not been knocked out and replaced by mirror flass and its trees have not been cut down. for example, a pair of wood hoopoes just flew up onto the electricity wire; then up the road. Paulo's sister was here from Dar es Salaam, supervising cleaning and refurbishment. She ordered a lemon tree to be chopped down, just as presumably she orderd the great spreading shade tree in the yard, under which people sat picking over beans while waiting, obliquely, for the gruits to ripen, to be cut down. it must have been a huge job. you can see where the stems have been cut with an axe. a few pieces are still lying in the yard along with some old children's bikes. they rsonate when struck like a pumpkin But all the coconuts and many other trees around the yard remain, leaning at different angles. coming back in the evening, seeing the house with

[sketch from a conversation with Goodluck George of a coral shelf]

its worn green roof fringed by palms, you are aware that the house is an island, in various ways, amid developments around it, you experience the sense of the lovely place (pahali pazuri) and the home you do not have. they will come back for Christmas from Dar es Salaam - a place where, as Paulo's sister says, people are clogged in traffic: all the time their brains are boiling with schemes for self advancement, their bodies are trapped in endless sweltering traffic queues (foleni) and the acrid air mixes with sea salt, charcoal smoke and petroleum fumes, cooling together. the sun rises a little before siz through the haze and from then on is applied like a burner to the atmosphere, creating a corrosive medium that irritates the eyes and skin of everybody who come there. a person comes back to the palm fringed house by the ocean at Mtwara to recuperate - to feel the feelings of home - and Paulo's sister had come back in advance to get everything cleaned up and prepated for that - the squirrel driven out from the chest of drawers, the screen mended, the plumbing repaired - everything turned out and swept and a mountain of washing. a small tree was felled, then she was gone.

further down the road is another old house, surrounded by bourganvillea and ______ plants. across the road is a blue house occupied by the amn who could be heard leaving, one minute before 8, on his way to work. back up the road the way that white man went, is a house on a raised mound overlooking the sea, with a distinctive character: entirely glazed in dark mirror glass and surrounded by a wall topped with razor wire, it stands out because of the radar mounted on a tall mast that revolves, as it seems, at all times. retaining the memory of a house by the sea, this building has been turned into an operational headquarters for the company providing security to the offshore rigs. in addition to the radar, you can see it has another mast with 3 or 4G antennas, WiMax and GPS - a complete private communications infrastructure. men rarely appear there. occasionally a man is seen doing something with a large barbeque machine in the yard. you remember this yard is devoid of plants, because one time Mama Mtupa showed it to you. it had a grim feeling to it even then, and you went back to the Kalili House in Kianga. like the beautiful house wit the murals where you stayed down the beach [insert murals videos] that house was also captured by Paulo. he ripped out the intricate natural ventilation system and installed mirrow glass and A/C. he painted over the murals with cream vinyl silk emulsion, enclosed the porch with the Ark painting and let it to a Danish NGO. after the riots, the compound was surrounded by fencing with posts in a zigzag pattern topped y electrified wires. the status of those Ark paintings. under the emulsion, speaking at it seeme so simply of the rising tide, remains speculative.
[reconstruction of a house pre-improvement / fortification]

yesterday evening you watched a big tug leave the harbour and the bass sound of further shipping continued into the night under the performance from Makonde Beach Club. the band sounded Light and bouncy, a little like Tarika - with voice of the vocalist floating over the band and the grumble of the shipping moving slowly into the narrow channel onto the open ocean. another sound has appeared now, higher - a generator maybe. then a bang, disturbing the weaver birds, a fly, a carpenter bee exploring the porch. two small squirrels come through the hole in the ballustrade onto the porch (unheard). crows, in circles around the Airtel mast. small lizards (unheard), spiders and flies on feet and legs. the air is almost completely still. from up on the roof at the back, you can see the flat sound is a refrigerated truck unloading in the compound of the security firm. its back door is open and the refrigeration unit is running, it looks like.
presents for P:
o headphones
o the Half Hour Allotment (book)
The Allotment Handbook

o flash image to SD cards and configure for the locations:

// Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam
// Maweni Farm, Soni
// Lushoto (Andy Perkins)
// Mt Meru (David Wolstonecroft) [sic]

o set up a Locus Sonus account for each location


meeting 27 NOV 2014
Fabian Mghanga

o Research Ethics Committee
- 2 steps: first use the national org; then set up a local REC
o Research Method: phase 2 - '96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96'96 /
-> limit to 10 students
-> evalluation publication + presentation to NIMR
o SH -> keep working on practical
o COTC club - positive response

PaLM can support developmet of research question

-> links with Ifakara

research paper submission in NOV + conference in FEB

o research funding ?
eg Wellcome Trus - later
o see priorities for research from WIMR
-> to hear from Fabian in due course
o converting student projects into papers
o collaboration with eg King's?
-> contacts with UK based students?
-> electives?
-> focus on MSc
-> PaLM needs research questions by 10 JAN


o research laboratory setup
-> Paula to contact colleagues
topics: malaria, HIV
longer term: 1.5 years

o fibre optic

o installation
o liaise with IT


o BMJ copies: subscribe?
HINARI - COTC to talk

o website for college
o upgrad website
o help with emails



o look for post graduate course for Ramadhani
o look up health information systems


AfricanPridMasala Tea Bags
Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Tea

kirsty - skype
o Research Method evaluation
o to skype with head of year
o tumblr tune-up with Max (G)

don't forget:
o Pibox from bedroom + peripherals
o receipt from MM for house
o dopkit
o malaria tablets
pickup Friday morning
saa kumi na mbili na robo
Michael (carpentry)
PC bus stop
15m away
Graceland on left
Midadi Beach Lodge
Mtu Kwao
media centre in Mtwara
Laurence Mgandile
Swallah Saidi

[diagram of tabs: 2014


nafasi nikocheni
sahara reporters


29 NOV memo
owe Rad total post Mtwara
TSH 327,000
owe P: TSH 200,000
PaLM owes Rae
? additional
PaLM supplied 6 in FEB 2014
of which 4 broke + cannot be fixed locally
PaLM will take the tablets
for repair or recycle
extract the data _ dropbox
surge protector
Rae owes Grant TSH 40,000
Morocco St Karafuu

make duplicate SD cards for Maweni etc.
bird boxes
b. feeder
nest boxes
tweet the maweni stream


[[11 NOV 2015: use clothespegs to hold things: notebooks, soldering parts, etc]]



'f8 1. maweni disk
- verify file system
- halt
- keep in reserve
'f8 2. work through other disks,
expanding file system


[[1 1/2 pages cut out]]





[[half cut page, blank below, with the upper absent showing:]]

5 DEC 2014
you're lying in bed at Maweni Farm..

.. catch the

[see below]

[[airplane baggage ticket partially visible]]



[half page cutout shows: GRANT SMITH..

..verify file system]


Chapanbog nr Tanganyika Battery

Kisutu St

Karafuu St
Karafuu Morocco


5 DEC 2014
you're lying in bed at Maweni Farm. it's a cooler night. a dog is barking. you heard the African Wood Owl calling - then stop. it's [[[the night before you go back - crossed out]] in a few
[[obscured by baggage ticket]] hours you will all get up and go catch the Money Dear bus to Dar es Salaam. you're lying on your back listening for if the Wood Owl will call again.


Turkish Airlines
[obscured by glued ticket] 4.35
Leave 2.30
Call taxi for 2.15
saa nane na robo
Remmy Ongala film around '89-90
Fish have no tears
do not cry
Morogoro Stores
Haile Selassie Rd


Morogoro Stores
Oysterbay Plot No. 1823

fix jupieter foundation info on



PI - to do - London DEC 2014
o support setup of kigamboni stream
o support setup of meru stream
o order + test guitarface
o test disk image download,
o update instructions
'f8 support costa rica setup
'f8 propose / support Austin TX setup
o work on data (decibel) output with audio (Max)
o try soldering the Primo capsules
o ? try building a preamp from components for the Primo's?
'f8 discuss with Joel about best equipment setup [skype one evening]
o install Pibox for Heathrow project
o contact _Wegener about Pi based community radio + sound projects
o try the Pi with Scarlett preamp / soundcard


'f8 Invoice LARS for HW router
'f8 fix Jupiter Research Foundation reference + update Bruce
o discuss dynamite fishing project with Christian et al
o finish website updates
o discuss with Gr'e9goire about soundcamp in Aix
o write proposal for Aix MAF (etopie)
o collate streams + put online in the table
o finish 2014 stream list / table
o move the site to
o contact EE about lost sim
o discuss with soundCamp people about strand / jobs / dividing responsibilities + jobs
o set up a new account wth co-op
o meet Ray + talk about sound systems + whales
o update Sarah + Scott about Dar es Salaam group + think about options
o check with Rebeka about workshop at Stave Hill
o finish Pi Ed Fund application somehow!
o write an application for soundCamp publication??
arts council? ->
o discuss with Ky about pinhole cameras / solargraphs
o discuss with SAM about design of sound remote + schedule -> set up template ----- Indesign ------ and commission images

sunday 7 DEC 13.00 UTC +2
you're on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to London. there's no window seat. you sitting in the middle. actually somebody else has taken your seat. but it's in the middle. it makes no difference. you're on your way back from Dar es Salaam to London. you're in the air

sunday 02.45 UTC +0
you are beginning your descent towards London
the listener is hearing something, for sure, but missing the pitch and fall of the plane and the direct transmission of sounds and vibrations via the structure of the aircraft the bone and tissues of the passengers, they are thrown this way and that they
they are down
you have landed in


solar power generation (total)
8 DEC 2014
7767.5 kWh
green building store
windows + doors direct:
01484 463 36

crows nest

order a copy of Steven Feld book + cd for Marion
goodluck: o connect wtih Mtu Kwao
o reference
o off to pay for diploma
o support website development
o money for internet access
o email happy birthday for yesterday
o decide on accelerated course
o follow up with William Otuck re: money
sasha party: cake with tea
people arrive: 4 pm
food: cake: owl snowy
rose lemonade + ginger beer etc
green salad


more for agenda

o contacts
o start mapping contributors
? on the locus sonus map?
-> set up a running list of streams+ streamers

[[drawing of coffee pot with a side handle and spout]]


o Stave Hill Ecology Park [first + last]
o history (of sounds esp)
- pictures of site
- species list
o coordinates
o local time eg 05.14 UTC +1
o London time
o London Camberwell

o Arnot Grove Cemetery ?

o Hampstead Heath RSPB
o Dartington
o Walney
o Belfast
o Valencia
o S Africa Iceland ? - Ragnar Olafsson
o Antarctic
christmas stuff to get
oMuji: o penci case (Sasha)
'f8 pyjamas (Sam)
'f8 socks (all)
o kindle case (sasha)
'f8 ? bag (Max)
'f8 headphone cable male -> male (sasha)
( ) camera batter (sasha)
( ) light for room (sasha)
'f8long sleeved tops (sasha)
'f8 bag (Max)
( ) bag (lenovo Y500) (Max)
o jumper / hoodie (Max)

headphones (paula)
soft fruit (paula)

o small things for max ?

o music magazine sub (sam)
'f8 clothes (sam)
o hoodie
o martial arts magazine (Sam)
( o) sargeant buzfuz (sam)
o advanced drawing (book) (sam)
o art type books

'f8 saul - manga pens, sydney bechet
'f8 joel - music? ask sam


55 Sherwood Park Av


1. send the original lease to Rani -> Birmingham Stamp Office
9th flor
City Centre House
30 Union St
B2 4AR

cov letter


new lease
form SDLT1
first register Stamp Duty Land Tax Reform

LR helpline

Dangers to hedgehogs:

o roads
o rat poison
o bonfires
o lawnmowers / strimmers
o ponds with steep sides

hedgehog survey:

- stall?
- leaflets in shop
- letterboxes - leaflets


shelter - review
soundcamp site stream 2015

12 pages
or 24
ech page has up to 6 streams
* or i hour eac page represetn 2 hours
and 15
or 30
each page with coordinated + clocks 1 local 1 UTC

holiday to do

additon plan - finish
allotment - SAT
couscous - SUN
walk - next THURS 1st


o new / last studio Ghibli
o Citizen4
o surviving progress


Sennheiser spares
for headphones: PX100


[black end papers]

[black inner cover]