brown notebook 17 DEC 2014 - 11 MAR 2015      

BROWN NOTEBOOK 17 DEC 2014 - 11 MAR 2015

owe Sam £40.90
TH 18 DEC 18.02
you're up. you're not down. you're not feeling down. you're in a tap lesson [waiting for S] you're good you're feeling good
cuban percussion - re-boot
c baptista

          sh                 /home/pi/Desktop/

[soundmap sketch showing roughly circular areas in which sounds spread and overlap]

10 - roadside cafe
37 - weavers in palmtrees
29 - roadside radio
30 - passing voices, thunderstorm
13 - roadside birds etc
11 - cicadas et al


ucell ucl hydrogen fuel cells




Brooklyn Bird Club
Central Park Bird Club
Audubon Society in Prospect Park
Chris Hewson cuckoo
the last shp [shop?] ? Tu !
APR          BJC
Darton College          W Yorkshire

o     stainless steel catering equipment
o     kettle


[drawings for an allotment building]


where you broke
down in the
car [junction of ady's +
oglander rd -
peckham]                        'an epic prose poem'
                                      lilian lyn   crossing map

[see video clips from phone from when you were sitting in the car waiting for the AA]

[drawings and measurements for base of a building ]

4x4 cill plates: [maybe] jointed w adhesive

on top ? 4x4 basic structure

[drawing of a wire frame box with one long side raised to support a pitched roof]

57 Perry Rise 14.30


MON 29 DEC 22.15 / 01.15
you're listening to the sounds of maweni farm, at night. it's a cold night in London, the coldest of the year. you're by the fire drinking nettle tea, eating dates. everybody's gone to sleep except Sam. some way away, you can hear disturbances in the water. frogs at different pitches. hyraxes, the static of insects from close to very far: countless - lukuki - in the depth of night. now and again a bang on the corrugated roof, or the roofing popping as it cools, slightly and twists - close-up, where the microphones are in the roof space, near the fascia, by the gutter. the hyraxes have a kind of abrasive chuckle. you half expect the stream to stop, or be disturbed all the time. you don't expect it to be up when you turn it on. when it's running, it's a supplement - it makes you happy. time passes with a supplement, submerged in the sounds of night at maweni. this is really one of those things - the wind is rising - a great wind comes through, rattling and rushing through the roof - technology delivers - Max was describing how the packets are delivered: sorted and sequenced and tagged - and delivered down a long chain, a fragile chain from the Raspberry Pi in the hall at Maweni Farm over [wifi] to the 3G router in the big bedroom - by the window where the signal is strongest - the little HuaWei router - to the Airtel tower and along the chain of computers - I think to Dar es Salaam and the fibre optic link to the Indian Ocean cable to Mumbai then back West towards the - to the Locus Sonus streaming server in France, by that point it's almost here. there's a lag - much more than the lag from a stream in the UK, say - maybe up to 20 seconds - even 30 - Lars timed it. a plane's going over - high and clear, it's the plane that starts the dogs I think - some pops in the stream also, maybe the
signal's breaking up. the plane fades and then the sound comes back for a while, [hanging in the air until it finally we] on the wind? then [ ] gone. a low growling from quite close, a dog maybe, and very distant banging. more growling close up. then the big dog barking, [its sounds] stirring up the grogs, the banging again, [ ] very distant [chop] pounding, and the frogs rasping - [ ] rasping and croacking on the [pond] wide, shallow pond. the hyraxes certainly sound like irascible persons, forcing strangled chuckles out the side of their mouths. it's the middle of th enight in Soni, Tanzania. most everybody's sleeping. the thickness of the night is audible. its heat can be imagined, and its thickness and depth can be audited directly, even or perhaps especially at this remove - with the big dog moving around in the night with its long loping legs, [as you remember - a big dog with ticks and long - ] moving in the x y z of the maweni night, where each of the insects is also located as Xenakis tells us, each separate sound, forming the sound event, as it unfolds in the dense darkness of maweni up from soni, as soon as you move away from the lights of the houses - there's nobody talking on the gate, everybody's sleeping, the fire's buring down. [ ] you need to take off the headphones and get used to quiet - London with its dull drone [?] - but your ears - interestingly - go on hearing the after sound of insects dilating and contracting, over the Cambria's extraction fan expelling the fumes from the Cambria kitchen. you could say that the relatively think and low sounds of London Camberwell seem more distant than the sounds of maweni above soni - it's hard to say. then when you've been away, it's interesting to come back - it is like a stream, and almost as if you put you put your head in to a liquid: channel, passing - thick [think?] a black [ ] the way an irrigation channel flows quickly, barely perceptible exchanging volumes of water all night in a concrete halfpipe raised above the ground. you hear the odd bang which could be a person or some large animal - these are inhabitants of the soundscape - [they] begin their role[s] as parts of the sound assemblage or sound object - these sonorous object per Schaeffer - they are also our ears in the soundscape - moving by displacement x y z in the depth of the sound field - below the cliff at Maweni that cups the sound - the wind again - in a great draughts up through the hot dark roof space - you're on the edge of the sapce of the roof: poking out in two places into the night air. the air in the roof is relatively still, except for when it is excited up close and directly by animals or draughts of air forced in under the bati by the wind. ouside however, the air is pulsating with countless channels (lukuki) - countless streams. the intensity of sound in the night - the middle of the night - at maweni farm is the product of countless channels: far from an amalgam, these countless channels, across a broad bandwidth, function as countless distinct but inspeparable strands - something like the counter flows, eddies and counter currents whereby the water of [the] Seine in fact fails to flow wholesale under the Pont de _________, some actually flows up - in the famous analogy of ____________ and the famous counter analogy of Michel Serres - for time. in fact to listen to the countless channels comprising the live audio stream from maweni, near soni in the W Usambara Mountains in real time - with some seconds of latency, - is to come close to perceiving and we can even say as close as can be obtained to experiencing the disaggregation of the seeming mass and amalgam of Time into countless oscillating strands, propagating throughout the depth of the space[s] around the microphone from, we can say, practically every point [ ]
# each point in that x y z array, or grid, is [propagating its own distinctive] independently active and emitting sound. somewhere out there now an [African Wood] Owl has begun to call: [woo hoo: woo-hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo] sam s gone to sleep. - it's late - you should go to sleep.
you hear another different own call, then a glitch in the stream [ ] you listen - it recovers, transmission continues, [you take off the headphones] any moment now you will take off the headphones and go: you'll turn off the lights and brush your teeth.
disturbance will continue to affect the water where the weaver birds are roosting, inaudible from here in their grass nests on the reeds in the pond. a new sound is heard: very distant engines maybe - pulling hard - could be a truck climbing. you can only think a truck coming to collect vegetables fro the market in Dar es Salaam but why is it driving now, in the middle of the night? it's one minute before 3 in the morning. in 3 hours it will be light. another break in the stream - maybe a power disrupiton. you're tired. dogs barking in the distance
1 JAN 2015 6AM
the first plane goes over, closely followed by another. you are awake when the alarm goes off at 6 - a dump of bottles - a short high slide c etc / [?] you [ ? ] before big cat comes over, biting the pen. you're lying on you back and side. this that pen wasn't working. this one is better. [ ] broken streams of planes, you all watched The Travelling Players - by Angelopoulos. it was the second time you saw it. it's 3 hours and forty-three minutes. at the end the room seemed to have run out of air. every location was full of detached local sounds. it shows a hard, painful history, which players can not escape. 'Where is Golfo?' the shepherd asks. Golfo is always there, a the meeting. only the birds are watching, supposedly, he says. but Golfo is frightened by the shadow of a man. the children are named Orestes and Electra. they have hard lives, crossing Greece: to preform their play, or fighting in the mountains until destroyed - within the wider drama of Greek history in the 20th century. a bloody mixture of tragedy and farce - with the dry sharp crack of gunfire and the whistle of bird[s] unseen by the road. at some point all the firecrackers went off and the band started playing in the Cambria. New Year's Day is a holiday. every body's sleeping. you'll try to go back to sleep.

2 JAN 2015


the first plane

stand for a rabbit hutch

[schematic drawing with measurements]


Cay Tae     42-3 Dean St W1D4PZ (Vietnamese)
Ethos     48 Eastcastle St WeW8DX (Brazil)
Café TPT 21 Wardour St W1D6PN
Koya          49 Frith St W1D4SG Japanese
Yalla Yalla     1 Greens Court W1F0HA Lebanese
remakery hire: £140 for day / ev.


               last sunday before Easter
                              in MAR

[sketches of configurations for a space - maybe for Glitch]


5 JAN Becky - 1 1/2 - 2 hrs


Arch 468

sketches including maybe a table top size 230cm x 75cm

Loughborough Farm - to do

/ put up sign
/ mail Helen on temp fencing
/ ask about cleaning water harvesting catchments
o SAT 1 pm - level footings for container

farm furniture - Stephen
funding: Peter Minet
     : Esmée Fairbairn
     [London Community Foundation]
Lilford Road sites

presents for Paula:
gloves          tool box med
allotments book (s)
eg the half hour allotment
the alltoment handbook
o broom
Fred Lomberg (sp?): free jazz cello

plan for an allotment shed


[sketches with dimensions fo a base on pads with overhang


sodium dawn (2001) Andrew Dodds


primary succession: the first establishment on bare ground / rock -> accumulation of soil + then other organisms
eg peas, gorse,


[drawing of a box - ?]

[drawing of a building with lean-to roof sloping back towards a gutter, in front of a wall]


Richard, Charlotte,


21 JAN 15

Bowers + Wilkin speakers

Gareth Frye
                    [rectangle surronded by dots]

different zones + pockets

1st Bank Holiday weekend in MAY


syrinx (Paul Smith)

notice by end of FEB
how to
ideas by next WED
finalize by end of next week


a = b/c 5 = 10/2

axc = b 5x2=10

c= b/a 2=10/5


Paola Kellman
Ground Floor Flat
29 Grove Hill Road


talk to more metalworkers

fruit trees:
               4 apple

               3 pears






     meet Walter to simplify plan



          bomb fishing
     sasha frère-jones
Royal College of Art
Taxi Driver
you me and everyone I know
check that asylum film
Hal Hartly
The unbelievable truth


Otero: Le\s Ciel Oouvery

ref for sam:
line drawings on a wall
Michael Craig-Martin

sent out subs
other ee



o lights
o food
TODO: update BunB
o / by end of JAN
survey £longfieldlistens


Ashar IT Support
admissions office
Central St Martins
020 7517 7444
146 Dovehouse Street
18" apart
[drawing of a fence post with strained wires as heights: 2', 3 1/2', 5' from the ground


Sustainability Centre
     East Meon
Ben Law
tube cameras
10 tube cameras
£5 each for pin-hole
£2 solargraph
black back w film, paper

confirm min. diameter of tubes
smaller kit w instrucitons

drawing of a tube: 10" x 8" paper



10" ?

[drawing of tube] tube min 10 + 1 "

[drawings of sun stracks]

A4 instructions

production time
     make a pin-hole: 1 hr
     make a solar box: 1/2 hr
= 3 days 15 hrs assembly

1 solargraph = 1/2 hour -> 5hrs

B+W process £10 / roll = £100

print contacts
3 days + post
deadline to post is 1st APR
to post
Grant: provide tubes
CGG          3 FEB 2015

water? outcome of bill query?
change to waste water –––––––––– charges
- take forward check of plumbing system

E + NP Borowiecki . new address
81A Grove Park
London SE5 8LE
0207 737 1808

AGM: 5 MAR 2015

          forward Dick Cooper's email to Linda S.

          add Angus

TO DO     find out about compost
OM for Loughborough Farm
o low + high nutrient
o potting up compost
o Tablehurst Farm? Forest Row - call them

Organic Lea
Banstead Farm
     o finish drawing + site meeting next week
?? LWT trees extended

          fruit trees -
o make a list of trees

     Noveller - futuristic soundscapes
                    ? with Art Assassins

          Cambria Pub Meeting
+ Jonathan
Paul (Manager)
Jost (Duty Manager)
noise levels
after 11 PM - no drinks outside
> ? 10 pm

     o close upstairs room
          clear the garden
               + front by 11
o 11 o clock cutoff for music


Mix Shreds Salad
Garlic Pak-choi
Beef with potato
Mix Veg with Noodle
Dumpling: Egg Leek + Shrimp x 2
Lamb + Onion x 2
Home Style Aubergine
Home Style Cabbage
Noodles x 2


hummus                    pies

2 FEB          1.5hr | Becky
9 FEB          1 hour          Max


     2 x      16
     2 x     20
     £ 132


[drawings of windows with dimensions - front and back]

o live listening - cp another world is possible + Agamben of [sic: on] immanence: the halo ('the coming community')

          "why I went into the arts"
The Nicholas Brothers     Gregory
Philipe Deconflé - Codex1
la la la human steps
     'Human Sex'
                    1985 UPGRADE
               duo no. 1

14 - FEB - 2015          Stave Hill

o ask Bacon's College about extending
          WiFi to near the SHED
o     1 tent for Peter
          +? mattress + sleeping bag
o contact Amanda Provost re
          soundcamp in Marseille
          Wellcome meeting: take:
o Cirrus Pi A+ and B+
o cputers + power cables
o Basic Pi with Icicle
o Pi with Wolfson
o soundcards
o Mics


Sapelli app for tree location logging

     noise tube [mobile decibel monitoring app]

IP:     172.21.0.____

alsa device index =
The Lacey Family (dirs)
The Lacey Rituals. Some
of the rituals, obsessions
+ habits of the Lacey
Family 1973
16mm film. Duration 60 min
44100 in 1 sec


44 100 x 1 x


periods 0

period x sampl

[?]               2000


py decibel script

- replicate 1 on max's machine
- try to formulate a forum post


we missed the legendary pianist Morton Feldman interpreter John tilbury, with one arm in a sling, at the Laban Theatre on a wet night, slick streets, wet vegetation - I can hear the sounds of his piano coming through the wall of the Laban theatre - the loud parts, I guess, of the famous Homage to Professor Moriarty - we are miss
it now

soundcamp: ask simon to bring his telescope ??

Hannah Tyler (oboe teacher)
          Izzy Thompson
07949 895 013

Feria de Abril in London

     10 May 3-8


               Southwark Rd
                    on site


     soldering irons

? soldering station is better then plain pencil
? 50W
adafruit recommends an adjustable 30W iron
or HAKKO FX-888
     Weller WES51

much cheaper:
                    Antex CS18
     Omega Rosin + Lead Free Solder
gauge: 18, 20, 21, 22
          380º C does pure tin


the optimism of reveil has to do with a potential for disorientation and delamination: reconfiguring the layers of sound + (con)fusion of sounding objects, with different pieces operating at different scales in different relations (calliopes)


               27 Feb 2015
owe sasha £10
next week 3 MAR 2015
£75 cash for sasha's classes
pick up Sasha at 4 latest
          Laban Lift at 5 for 5.15
Camberwell Gardens Guild          3 MAR 2015
AGM Thursday 5th 7 pm
United Reformed Church
     East Dulwich Grove
          Entrance in Tell Grove

allotments to do
     o write to Eric Kerr / Kjaer
     o write to Mrs Jackson
     o re-allocate corner plot
     ask list about windows
     + ask Lewis
     o email Dick Cooper about the domain name
     o reminders to allotment holders

from Sunday ev. (3-4 days)

          5 MAR 2015
Sam: consultation with GP
o Amoxycyllin
o Augmentin
Appointment on Asthma for next week
| 2 puffs inhaler twice a day
     + blue as needed
     1 x antibiotic 3 x a day.
Jean Hagberg

message to Chris DeLaurenti
re: reveil, protest, daybreak, meeting points, work
places? urban fissure?


     cherry leotard
format all the main soundtent pages with relatively postioned <divs>

|Laban| IT
metal twist bits: 8,9,10,11,12mm

axles: L: 122mm



     EPDM rubber roofing

| for Hull |
soundcamp sets up a network of live audio streamers for Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast of daybreak sounds on International Dawn Chorus Day each year.

This presentation discusses the technical and organisational approaches involved, and the event's potential as a platform for artists, researches and activists working at interface between human + non human communities.

We will discuss:

# |

     o Echinacea purpureum

     Yvonne Connell
          IT Laban
Laban WiFi
User: Grant
Password: library
Radio Now
Street Lecture Theatre
0845 900 1234

|radio symposium|          LCC
                         11 MAR 2015

no locale / location in most radio

|Ed Baxter| amp - sliders + knobs

     discours on radio needed

     new platform on radio - to

|sarah washington|


Karolyn Krabbe in Seattle

self-selected + - organised

radio art / activism
radio could be inherently non-

radio as outsider + under defined +
               therefore open

     24 hour 111 commentating
               a prison
               rising in
     - 20th anniversary broadcast
art cna give points of entry + political

[pen tests]

try to write

it does
write ok

hearts, scribbles and neon bands


[last page torn off along a line\


[brown inner cover]