Siku ya Uhuru   9 DEC 2011 (50th Anniversary of Independence)

clip 57         monkey scare with shirt

" the corn cobs form, they attract monkeys from the protected forest. the farmers, knowing that the monkeys can quickly strip the plants of the growing cobs - some still with their soft silks [still topped with pollen bearing tassels, of the just forming cob] - some plump
the farmers stay in the fields as much as they can to ward off the monkeys, which can be heard in the trees on the [protected] forest edge."
when they are forced to abandon their crops for a time, they leave *smouldering fires and hanging shirts* to fool the monkeys into thinking they are still there..

.. standing at the forest edge

monkey scare with shirt [3]

looking alternately towards the trees, then out over the valley of ripening crops..

shirt   [1] [2] [3]