8 DEC 2011

we're in the garden at Maweni Farm

we're standing behind a low hedge, looking out over the weaver lake

the sounds we hear are dominated by the calls of african golden and grosbeak weavers
sounds of cows and cocks are also heard

a pair of swallow tailed flycatchers occasionally perch close to the microphones, which also register drops falling on leaves from recent rain

a singer is heard,     then woodchopping

the landscape of the low mountains outside lushoto is densely inhabited

just as you find the mountains and gullies of Turkey above Fethiye densely inhabited by people, goats, sheep and dogs, often appearing at the last moment from the scrub, so here you are in a lived landscape

depite the efforts of successive projects to regulate access to what is, in some sense, private land, people have not accommodated these efforts, or left these areas, which are finally, one way or another: commons

hornbills can also be heard in the hills behind, voices going about work after the rain, the emergence of mousebirds, robin-chats et al: a dense interference of wild and companion species

we are here above the lake, microphone in hand - in general the soundworld becomes more concentrated - I believe because the rain is past and people are coming out
a motorcycle fires   lower down in the valley

voices travel across the water..

the bass sounds which sound like heavy impacts are maybe from the nearby packing plant
at one point a robin-chat sings from medium near   on a low stump

the area beyond the lake, where the voice is coming from, is an unresolved area, partly contested between small cultivators and the Farm, whose organic vegetable schemes have struggled to get established

even in this highly productive horticultural area, land pressure is intense: the system appears at once acute: fragile: and finely held in balance - by a mixture of detailed labour and inaction