Work on a piece called MAWENI to hold sound work from Maweni 2011 eg the track by the lake with somebody singing, the tracks from the back vegetable patch and from windows in the house - these could be made with panels eg of reclaimed ply, and could include windows at different levels through onto adjacent spaces and maybe out -

that would be a kind of imaginary architecture to reference Bachelard: Imagination and Matter (1942) and The Poetics of Space (1958), as also ideas about sound and space and sound as the locus of past space, trauma, and or but also posited future space (cp that civil rights activist talking about the need to imagine another world (coming from her mother) - in fact that is the same person as in the Agnès Varda Black Panther film! - that links to the 50th Anniversary Day (Siku) of Freedom - UHURU       Angela Davis

when night falls over maweni the green masses of the foliage become dark blocks - the farm neither dominates nor is it dwarfed in these volumes   || inhabited landscape 1 ||

|| 2 ||
|| 3 ||