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Live online at Wave Farm from 5 AM London time (UTC 0+1) on Saturday 3 MAY until 6 AM the following morning.

Live on WGXC 90.7-FM in the Upper Hudson, NY from 00.00 hours on Saturday 3 MAY to 01.00 hours on Sunday 4th.

Live on Resonance Radio online and Resonance 104.4 FM in London from 6 AM Saturday to noon, and again from midnight on Saturday to 6 AM the following morning.

Check Partners for details of other participating stations.

From the SHED at Stave Hill Ecology Park in Rotherhithe, REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones provided by streamers on the Locus Sonus network and others around the world. It starts in London before dawn on Saturday 3 MAY and runs until the following morning, which is International Dawn Chorus Day.

The live archive of more and less permanent audio feeds will be added to by other streamers: who get up and go out to listen to the dawn chorus as it reaches them throughout the 24 hour period, and relay the sounds via their phones.

The archive is evolving. Many more streams are coming online in the runup to the broadcast. Check this space..

To add your sound to the first REVEIL broadcast, check the streaming guidelines.

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