Thicket   Back yard, Cambria Road, London

09-09-2020   09:18

Remote recording. Starlings, sparrows. Elder, rose, clematis, honeysuckle, ash. The thicket took a long time to establish. It kept getting cut back. G would cut it back from over the fence when we were away. E cut down the ash. It kept growing back. The elder is the framework and the other plants climb over it. After a point people gave up trying to cut it for the time being. Sparrows began to use it, then from this year the starlings began to use it. It gives a thick protective cover against cats and hawks. Adults and juveniles together. Sometimes on the outside, or from the inside of the thicket.

> 'sparrow bush' eg on
> ad hoc wilding
> opportunistic woodland - urban
> waste to wooded area


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