slice               notes

slice is a version for laptop of a reconstruction with old TVs for shunt in October 2007.

6 small TVs were stacked and wired to a timber pillar for support. The 6 short video clips played in independent loops on 6 DVD players.

The TVs were different ages by different manufacturers. The Cathode Ray Tubes themselves were similar, but each set had different settings. Some images were sharp and saturated; others were almost monochrome, or with a distinctive patina - presenting a short survey of domestic audio visual equipment -

On 21 MAR 2007 we went on a fossil hunting trip to Herne Bay. It was a day when the lower beach was exposed by an exceptionally low tide.

It was the first time we had seen the place, with the turbines on the horizon, the long shingle cove, the vegetation furiously whipped by wind off the sea..

The wind was fierce and the weather and water were bitterly cold. The children were small. Experienced hunters in thick rubber equipment were going through the mud with sieves and forceps.

Later we were invited to the home of an elderly local couple. The small flat was dominated by a huge flat screen TV - the biggest I had seen. The man brought out his collection of large shark's teeth, perfectly preserved, with their serrated edges seemingly as sharp as before mineralisation in the Herne Bay sediments, which formed the bottom of a warm shallow sea.

We all admired them, and his wife gave us tea with our sandwiches. Their friendliness and hospitality reminded me of beekeeping associations.

The teeth in his collection were much bigger than the ones any of us had found that day. It seemed he had been hunting for them for many years, perhaps all his life