unfinished business     new work for old IT equipment

was at the shunt lounge under London Bridge station from SEP to OCT 2007 by invitation of Mischa Twitchin

It assembled text, sound and video objects on a variety of equipment, from dumps and/or reclaimed from offices by EX-IT (Elephant Jobs / CRISP / offers) at the Elephant and Castle with the assistance of Armin Bobsien

In general, these objects have things in common with those described by Graham Harman, especially in the striking analogy with steam powered music machines proposed in 'Tiny Calliopes' (Circus Philosophicus, Ch 3)

And they can be considered in relation to the famous image of Michel Serres, where points in time are drawn on a handkerchief, which is then wadded up in somebody's pocket

While relying on defunct equipment and recordings of moments that are past, the objects of unfinished.. also extend the life of their components - in partly unexpected directions

If they are memorials, as they sometimes seem, it is memory in the ancient sense of the term, as recalled by Michel de Certeau, which designates a presence to the plurality of times and is thus not limited to the past [The Practice of Everyday Life, p82, note 7]

In that sense, they anticipate the assemblies of live streams for reveil / soundCamp