10 video and 20 audio channels for   flock   (re)construction of a colony of grosbeak and african golden weavers in an ornamental lake in the garden of Maweni Farm outside Soni    recorded on Siku ya Uhuru (Day of Freedom) 2011, and preceding days    elements for a representation using cellphones, tablets, laptops or projetors, with or without amplification    
click once to stop and twice to start each clip
it rained at night and half the day, soaking the dark soil of Maweni until around midday it started to brighten, bringing everything and everybody back out into the open..   on the eve of the day to mark 50 years of Independence..     the density of the garden at Maweni Farm, immersed in years of gardening among the agroecosystems of the valleys above Moshi entirely eludes all your equipment   8-12-11