all this time

28 March 2007

all this time we believe a person is unwell - a person we barely know, and yet a person who has been friendly to us, why? I wonder - why does a person take on the management of three rare west african tortoises, illegally smuggled in to the united kingdom, this is the person contacted, informally, by the body responsible for protection of the tortoises, a person who has (re) invented themselves, perhaps, precisely as a person able to provide such an environment - a wholly un natural environment - special bulbs are required, in winter, to keep these tortoises alive, special organic weeds are necessary, for them to eat - in the context of resource scarcity, this person, however, is capable of guaranteeing such a provision, radically rethinking concepts of value and responsibility, in the most hands on fashion - one moment such a person is smoking a cigarette, the next moment they have collapsed, now we understand they are lying in a hospital bed, not far from here, they are not responding


You were not at Dog Kennel Hill adventure playground the week this happened. Linda, Finn's mother, told you about it. A group of fruit trees was planted in commemoration but they did not do well there. The failure of that planting led to setting up the plot with Nicky Bashall and people from Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers at the Camberwell Gardens Guild allotments by Grove Park. That project continues.
21 June 2022