3 March 2014

you get up at 6. you re very tired. you struggle to keep running, even slowly. at one point some people seemed to appear behind you, talking. you went on. but it was hard, moving what seem to be lumps of wood. you passed a man on [a] bench. maybe he was sleeping there and had woken up and was collecting himself on the bench before setting out, a few minutes later, when the rain started coming down hard. you were trying to stretch your back and your shoulder, but the combination of the rain and feeling so tired made it difficult. you want to extend but gravity acts on you and your running clothing. by the time you get back you're wet. you lie on the floor by the piano. now you re sitting listening to the rain come down, partially muffling the sound of the planes. the lights on the keyboard go out. your[e] eyes are closing. the sky is a uniform grey orange, quite bright for darkness. the rain hisses and drums on the roof by your head. the branches of the ashes and the limes become animated, then stand still. then suddenly the wind is coming in hard gusts and squalls. we're listening to the wind and the rain falling with the planes going over. you can hear water running and drops falling on the ground and the tin lid of the microphone housing. some popping sounds and then the stream dropping briefly a few times. i think the popping is from the long unbalanced cable and the dropping out is the server, but I'm not sure. according to allotments officers, there has been an increase in the numbers of rough sleepers on allotments. your eyes are closing. your head is sinking down. sounds of something, maybe scaffolding.

file:///Users/grant/Music/vlc-record-2014-01-03-07h14m14s-london_camberwell ___-.ogg