4 January 2014

get up at 6. it's overcast and raining lightly. the park is quieter. there are no planes. or you cannot hear them. the rain and the mist mute the intensity of the lights. you're less tired than yesterday. you suddenly think: i forgot to run. or: i must have cut off that stretch. because you can't remember. but you re sitting here in your wet clothes. the rain spattering on the windows. its 6.54. still dark. grey orange sky. still. traffic. but less. a short train. then a plane. quite muffled, in the rain cloud. then louder. the reason there are few planes is because the wind is from the East. planes are fl[y]ing in from the West to land into the wind. so they are not flying over Ruskin Park. you can see on WebTrak every plane that flew in yesterday, including those that flew right over the part[k], as red icons with dotted trails