writing with draws

30 May – 24 June 2022

writing with draws from the world. it makes an inventory of what didn't happen, what could not be done. it mourns loss of time and others and exhaustion of actions

at the same time it reaches out to make connections with the entities that surround it, known and unknown - it extends sideways, despite itself, out of habit and curiosity

at the same time as it alternately withdraws and returns like breath and the sea, it is planning, thinking of ways to be together, to overcome loneliness, to re-work what it is on the verge of abandonning

under the flightpath, it suffers the passage of aircraft - one after the next in a stream so the sound of the last one bleeds into the next and they are together over the roofs. whatever you are doing happens under and in that – as long as it is here, it cannot get out from under it – it is it