crooning of pigeons
the stream is dropping again - re start it
or did it stabilise? no

07:20:28 25 July 2023

now after restart: a heavy plane: thick middles and bass dropping in to the air space, followed by another – much higher to start with, then dropping, digging in, you can say, to the thick air, at the same time: beating, especially in the L, scratching and scouring in the L together with deep digging in the R - you see it moving away: 4 engines below the wings, straight and uninterruptable down towards Heathrow – now another. this is a lighter aircraft - now another - these lighter aircraft are able to enter the airways the way a chisel can find a way through composite sheet – cutting, splitting and separating, they form laminates of air, where the big planes drives themselves heavily and durably through the material, which for them is a mass, the way a digger penetrates layers in a roadway: asphalt, concrete, rammed clay – creating an aggregate from course to fine – thick coarse clumps intermixing with granular portions and fines. these machines pass over you as you sleep and wake. this one has long wings and tail and 2 engines – the next one is deeper, appearing out of sight overhead, each one passes in a locked flight path with little or no deviation. this one is 4 – slower than the last, it seems, larger, below the cloud bank. the next follows without interruption , so the sound continues. higher, more middle, more rounded, a warmer sound, rigcher harmonics, 2 engines, shorter wings, wider tail fins, grey and compact with a white upper visible even at distance. now a heavier one enters the space. a juvenile magpie land on a roof and ducks. this plane fade quickly. 2 engines, tail slightly v shaped, wings slightly raised, whether from design of distortion ad the wings support the fuselage. parakeets enter. the mappie flew. bright ligth on the foliage and the surafces of roofs. 2 engines. darker grey. slightly lighter above. then darker in front of white cloud. then lighter againin front of grey. a squirrel runs over the chicken run, ringing on the mesh. smaller 2 engine, raised tail. car traffic is building up on Herne Hill Road. . higher, 2 engine, modulating more freely, much smaller, the wings barely visible, a rough dark shape moving away. a pause. road traffic is heard briefly, then another plan, further L, scratchy and coarse as a rough fabric, construction starts, 2 engines, medium, higher, now a smoother one: longer tracks, like smerars of highs resting on mids – melted, fused forms. 2 engines. higher again, in cloud. the clouds breaking into segments. horizontal trails cut across from earlier flights to London City, a crow crosses. now from the right an anomalous flight banking right and entering the channel, closely followed from above by something heavier, more insistent, driving – long wings, darker grey, v profile, heavy body – grey turning to white. low in the L then rising. slight chatter then smooting. thick grey small engined, dark against lighter blue. squirrel runnin, heard at a distance and directly as they run over the streambox and the mesh. why did the stream start dropping? flat mids, t engines, long protruding fuselage, wings bent upwards, fading to low, a quieter aircraft perhaps. now high insistent, panning L to R , oscillating, now dropping and fading, sky almost clear: one thin trace of cloud. 2 zones of jet trails, thickened and merged. high to medium, literal, medium smooth, 2 engine, small. bird song in a patch. medium high, rising briefly, then falling, finding purchase, turbos above as a seprate sounds, whining and howling. two engines. small. deeper now, also with hight mids, as if separated into bands, prominent L, moving R, antenna empty on the chimney stack. white pointing, 2 engines, futher left, bending right. flapping of pigeon wings. high thin. bees coming and going through the mesh. 2 engines. feet running on the mesh. sun on the lime leaves. low medium. a series of small to medium planes with similar sound signature, one after the next in a continuous series – the last is still visible as the next comes into view ove the top of the house. all that camouflage netting and is gone that person had on the roof. 2 engines. small. high L. almost nothing in the R. high to mid. appears however on the same track. all these planes, you have been told, lock into the same track as they leave the holding pattern – tighter than before. they pass over the house through the same descending chute of air, which strangely shows little or no sign of their passage: no jet trail, thickening, darkening carbon print or change of texture – they pass as if without a memory or influence on the ground below or the air they suck in expel. pigeon from L to R unheard. insects relfelcting in fron of the lime trees – bright yellow green. E and G are flying to Croatia today, you think. it was a speonatneous last minute getaway, they said. 2 engines. hgh tial fins. wings raised. whitish. . pigeon wings accelerate the air creating sounds of whipping, beating or whistling – a slight lull occurs between flights. a kind of calm arises briefly, voices are heard from downstairs, construction sounds beginning, birds in the trees around the yard, trills and squacks. high whitish cars. a hammer from the the construction site. a motorcycle descending. high parakeets, sounds tinted greeny yellow by their plumage, now anothe plane – in thick waves this time, juddeing in and other, then stabilising higher to L – smoothing, establishing a trajectory – sky re clouded slightly – it passes into a patch of cloud like a clump of dust. another plane comes quickly, as if pressing into the gap, then fading: pathers through the cloud when the planes have cut. 2 engines. grey. unremarkable. plentiful. some flight bandss can be seen now where the planes have passed. you hear M's voice. M and L are leaving today for Glasgow. go down. sparrows. a louder plane., quickly diminishing. 2 enignes. high. now a different sounds, more of a drone, from hgihter to lower, more like an engine – fading quickly – small 2 engines high – the whole upper world, your body in the upper house is taken over. go down. take off the headphones. re tune. pause. save. stand up. go among


Live stream recorded 25 July 2023. Cambria Road, Loughborough Junction, London. 63m 53s.