in the vegetable patch behind the house at Maweni farm as evening falls     the mountains are behind     quite long (44m) and open: robin chats, human voices, microphone noises, cows calling, scuffling by the recordist, a strange resonant croak, perhaps a hornbill, from away to the side and higher up the hill
9:01 a dull bang
gradually these are replaced and immersed in night insects; finally the sound of an owl, quite close: large: quite clear, with distant response

that entry which says, basically, no equipment can capture the sounds of maweni farm, with its wild and companion species and its human residents
all the equipment you bring with you to try to do it - you fall flat on your face. you sit on your heels in the vegetable patch barely moving while insects bite you. the sounds of maweni elude you and your equipment.

when night falls over maweni the green masses of the foliage become warm blocks - volumes of the mountain rise above the farm   as evening falls, people working on the mountain come down past the farm on their way home   by the end, the mountain is empty   || inhabited landscape 2 ||

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