nightingale 1 x 6   [5]

Aiguamolls d'Empordá, Al Matá, Catalunya

22 JUN to 2 JUL 2013

We're on the edge of the wetlands at al Matá - it's about 4 - still long before first light

Lying listening in a tent, on our backs with our heads pointed towards the marshes, after the night's near silence, broken only faintly, and sparsely, by bird scarers, amphibians and the wind in the reeds, we hear the voices of two nightingales enter: one quite close, a little above and left; the other further off to the right along the fence

By the beginning of the second part, the singing is strong and varied, carrying above the wind, gradually accompanied by other birds - sparrows and woodpigeons - as daybreak approaches

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